“Faster – Higher – Stronger” Records Have Been Set This Summer, And Not Just In Rio

With the Olympic Games now drawn to a close, the world can focus on records of a different sort that have been set this summer: world-breaking records. Polar ice caps are melting faster because temperatures are higher than ever recorded, causing stronger climatic events. These world-breaking records affect us all, because healthy Arctic ice is critical to healthy global ecosystems. Fortunately, we can make records such as these, history. We are all invited to join together to meet the challenge of our times – global warming – by creating The Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS).

Climate change was a key theme of the Olympics’ opening ceremony in Rio de Janeiro, featuring maps and graphics of melting polar ice caps and rising sea levels encroaching on cities all over the world from Shanghai to Amsterdam to Rio. Much of Rio’s coastline is predicted to be submerged if bold and urgent action is not taken to limit global warming to well below 2ºC (3.6F) above pre-industrial times as agreed at COP21. Parvati.org proposes MAPS as a single, simple solution to set us on the right track to stopping global warming.

Polar ice is a global temperature regulator, and it is under severe duress, melting at an unprecedented rate. The diminishing ice is a sobering yardstick to measure the damage we all have done to our planet in fossil fuels. The loss of sea ice also results in more accessible Arctic waters and therefore additional areas vulnerable to exploitative human activities.

If Arctic oil is extracted, tons of carbon stand to be released into the global atmosphere, further accelerating the climatic warming that has already reached critical levels. Because the health of the Arctic Ocean is so critical to the earth’s climate patterns and ecosystems, Parvati is asking all nations to unite to protect the Arctic Ocean by creating the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS). In late 2015, Parvati.org created the international MAPS Treaty, translated into the six official United Nations (UN) languages, and distributed to the heads of government of all member nations of the UN for their formal endorsement. Parvati.org is in ongoing dialogue with world governments considering the Treaty.

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