September 2016: Unity (Read the Full Issue)

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Welcome to the September 2016 edition of Parvati Magazine.

The process of our soulโ€™s evolution involves a purification of our distorted perceptions that sees ourselves as separate, suffering entities. As we come to fully experience that our essence and everything within and around us is one with unlimited consciousness, we realize our true, divine nature. One who truly understands and lives within this reality loves all things equally and sees all things equally, because to him, all is undivided consciousness, not separate from himself, or anything that is.

This state of union already exists, but for the most part we do not see it because we are so busy believing the thoughts in our mind that are fed to us through our limited senses. We are habituated, even addicted to i-dentifying with our mind and to believing that our ego is in control. It is as though we are so focused on one tiny speck of cloud, thinking that it is the entire world, that we miss the vastness of the sky and the infinite expanse of the universe.

As we explore our thoughts, we see that they only exist because of the energy we give them. Most of what we think is created by our ego so we feel in control and important. But all thoughts are passing. They continue until we bump up against a moment of grace and notice, even for a split second, that what we think is fixed or solid after all. Then, a whole new world of positive possibilities opens.

In this monthโ€™s issue, on the theme of โ€œUnityโ€, enjoy articles that help you open up to positive possibilities in every moment.

We tend to think we have to make life happen. Our ego speaks up at times when we are close to a breakthrough, to pull us back from entering into a new relationship with reality. It makes us believe that we need it to survive. But the opposite is true. It holds us back.

To see how true this is, all you really have to do is to look around. Look at the trees, the flowers, the animals, how they exist within the rhythm of nature. They have no ego, yet they are completely and perfectly interconnected with the power of evolution, fuelled by life-force energy. We too are within this force, but we think we are not.

We donโ€™t turn to mush when our ego dissolves. We realize our true birthright and fulfill our destiny. We gain access to the wealth of the universe, rather than striving to amass our own personal stash.

May we allow ourselves to let go of feeling a need to control any thing at all. May we know with certitude that the universeโ€™s life-force energy is the source of lasting fulfillment and true joy.

Love yourself.
Love others.
Love our world.
We are one Earth family.