Zuii Organics, with Danni Simpson

This month, Parvati Magazine spoke with Danni Simpson from Zuii Organic, a company that offers a full line of organic and natural beauty from down under.

Parvati Magazine: What was the inspiration behind starting Zuii Organic?

Danni Simpson: Company founder and President Rose Beesey was the first to introduce a truly Certified Organic product line that was safe and beneficial for the skin. Enjoying the beauty of nature was always at the forefront of Rose’s mind, she based her belief around nature and natural remedies, she would spend hours in the garden culturing her roses and vegetables here is where her spark to create a truly Certified Organic range of Cosmetics was born. She saw the natural colour of the roses and flowers and wanted to transport the experience of the natural beauty and natural colours to the world of Cosmetics ensuring that there was no use of toxic chemicals or carcinogens to keep them as pure to nature and as perfect as they smelt in her garden every day.

PMAG: Zuii features a unique blend of Certified Organic Flora makeup. What are the benefits of using flowers?

DS: Zuii Organic uses a blend of floral ingredients as the base to our products in our range. We take Rose, Jasmine and Chamomile flowers and crush them into a fine powder to create a unique and nourishing base to our powdered products. Rose is high in Vitamin C and renowned for its properties of treating scar tissue, acne, psoriasis, eczema, skin blemishes and hyperpigmentation. Jasmine encourages the repair of scar tissue and also contains soothing properties. Chamomile is known to be one of the oldest medicinal plants. It is calming, and has healing/ anti-inflammatory properties.

PMAG: Your makeup line also has a signature blend of essential oils. Tell us more about this.

Our signature blend of essential oils creates the perfect synergy of Certified Organic ingredients. Ingredients such as Geranium Flower Oil which cleanses, tones and normalises the secretion of sebum while Sweet Almond Oil restores nature’s glow to the skin. With each ingredient boasting huge nourishing benefits to the skin and body, consumers will fall in love with the feeling of truly organic makeup on their skin.

Describe some of your favourite makeup products that would be suitable for most customers.

DS: Our key Certified Organic products would have to include our Foundation Primer which is an amazing base for any skintone, while our lipsticks are always a big hit to a makeup lover as they offer super nourishing ingredients.

PMAG: Where can one purchase Zuii Organic makeup?

DS: Zuii Organic can be purchased online at www.zuiiorganic.com or in one of our amazing stockists located across over 40 countries worldwide. For full stockists details visit our website or the distributor in your area.

Danni Simpson headshotSince the young age of 14 Danni Simpson has worked in the cosmetic industry as a Makeup Artist. After years of training she began her role as Australian Sales & Marketing Manager for Zuii Organic. With extensive knowledge in every aspect of makeup, whether it be product ingredients to application she has a passion for teaching and sharing the benefits of Certified Organic Makeup.