Holistic Training, with Julie Rammal

Image credit: Fit n’ Style

When I was 18 I used to love to dance, but was with a boyfriend who did not accept it. To escape the domestic violent relationship I turned to fitness. I used to work out in the gym and watch everyone exercise, and learn as much as I could from observation.

After spending numerous hours in the gym, I decided to get into the fitness industry and started taking online courses then finally travelled abroad to California and completed my Yoga, Pilates, Personal Training, TRX and other certifications. Unfortunately along the way I got into the supplements sold in the fitness industry and experienced my first panic attack. That was the first indication that I had to stop caffeine pills. As I tried to heal and clean my system I started to look more into natural things such as Ayurveda, aromatherapy, oils, detoxification, etc. After completing my Ayurvedic certification, I discovered I had to learn more about the internal body as the physical body was one world but the internal body was another world.

Meditation has helped me in my fitness journey to see clearer, to be connected, stay away from distractions, and to increase my faith and connection with the higher self.

I completed a holistic health practitioner course. As a result of my studies I learnt the connection between the body, mind, and soul as are taught with yoga; however, I also discovered that just by understanding our own body we can heal and treat ourselves from anything. My favorite workshop to teach these days is about how to heal oneself naturally.

I started working with numerous celebrities in the Arab world and in the States over the past 17 years, and many of them who had cancer would come back to me saying the cancer cells were gone or their pains were healed or they stopped taking medications, or they were healed. It was incredible! It inspired me so much to see how my work was making a difference in the public. As a result, I was invited to talk about natural beauty techniques on TV in April 2015 and took courses and specialized in clinical herbology, clinical nutrition, aromatherapy and much more. Here is my talk:

My workouts and training programs for clients focus on training body, mind, and soul together. I honour each individually and work with each carefully. For example, if a client comes in and tells me, β€œJulie, I need to lose weight but I am depressed,” I know two things are going on: poor posture, heart chakra is closed and cardio, mind may be unfocused or fogged. Breathing and strength training must be included in the workout. I quickly design a program for the client and begin using the best of ancient and modern therapies to train my client and give them a promise that within three days there will be a change in either body, mind, or spirit. Some therapies I use in the session may include Ayurveda, Pilates, Yoga, Reflexology, Sound Medicine, Detoxification exercises, Tai Chi, Gymnastics, or Aerobics. My DVD β€œIn Light of Change” came out this April.

Julie Rammal is an international holistic healer and personal trainer. She has studied Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, Holistic Health, Herbology, Clinical Nutrition, Personal Training, Pre-post natal training, Reflexology, Sound Therapy, Pilates, Yoga and over 50 fitness disciplines. She has assisted  clients suffering from cancer, stress, migraines, allergies,  hearing loss, muscle pains, sinus problems, digestive issues and more. She is also an international speaker and writer for various magazines. She has trained numerous celebrities, singers, royal family, and many VIP in Monte Carlo, Switzerland, France, and the Middle East.
She has lived in over 40 countries worldwide, and honours our ancestral knowledge and practices, particularly Native American approaches to healing. She believes, β€œOur medicine is in our earth, and our healing begins when we are in tune with earth.”