I have come to understand that everything in my life is grace, whether I see it or not in the moment. This includes even the extraordinarily painful assaults that I have experienced. They have asked me to look within and clean up the basement of my psyche. They pushed me to my very limit and played their part in helping me see and become a fuller, more complete expression of who I truly am.

Everything that we think, feel, say, do and experience, within that whole, is an expression of our previous karmic tendencies. Our life as a whole and all the details there within provide us with the exact means we need to evolve into awakened presence, or our I Am state. If we say that we attracted an aggressor into our life, it is only true because we are all part of a greater whole – the aggressor and ourselves as players within a karmic dance. We attracted it not from the point of view that “life is happening to me”, as a victim to life, as though we willed the abuse onto ourselves, but from the point of view that we arrived on Earth with a willingness to participate within the loving whole. We experience the life we have because through it we are learning exactly what we need to evolve to move beyond our ego-driven perception of being divided, so that we may return to oneness with Source energy.

In my case, assaults have highlighted ways in which I felt not good enough, ways I had unconsciously given my power away to external ideas and illusions. Through them, I was eventually able to see that some part of me felt that there was something inherently wrong with me, that I was somehow broken. The painful incidents, though I would not wish them upon anyone, and pray I never have to experience them again, provided me with unprecedented means to grow into a kind of love, clarity and forgiveness I never thought possible – for myself and others. They have provided powerful fodder for my cellular knowing that I am unshakably part of an intelligent, loving unity that guides my life, and all of life.

Taking responsibility for any event in your life is very different from blaming yourself for it. No one deserves to assault or be assaulted. No one who is abused should feel as though the actions of their oppressors are their fault. We are not responsible for our attackers’ actions and choices. But to identify with being a victim from an attack and not ask yourself what it is teaching you and you alone – regardless of what the attacker chooses to do – from my experience, is short-changing yourself and your true potential.

We are much more than our ego believes we are. We are infinite beings, interconnected with all that is, and our true nature is divine. We are evolving over not just one lifetime but many lifetimes in a journey back to the One. Our capacity to understand, witness and heal is far beyond what we may think.

When you feel broken by pain, it shows you that your inner flower has now grown too big for its pot. The flower is your budding soul and the pot ideas of personal limitation. Your heart can break from pain, but it does not have to. It can break open so you may soar into greater magnificence if you are willing to let go of the idea that you are a victim of anything.

In time, we will all learn to act from the compassionate wisdom which understands that to harm anyone is to harm all beings, including our self. When we truly understand this, painful acts cannot occur. But until such time, we must not let anything outside ourselves quell our inner light. That light is the hope for our humanity. It will shine the way to lasting inner and outer change in a world based on indisputable interconnection.

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