Unite by Light for the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary

In this season of light, the all-volunteer, Canadian not-for-profit organization Parvati.org launches its #UniteByLight viral online campaign. The campaign is in support of MAPS: the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, an initiative to protect a critical ecosystem that keeps our planet cool. #UniteByLight provides an inspiring and immediate way for people to be part of this positive global movement for a healthy planet.

The #UniteByLight campaign invites anyone around the world to sign the MAPS petition at Parvati.org and optionally make a donation of any amount towards the realization of MAPS. Participants will create and share a video of themselves lighting a candle for peace, while nominating three others to do the same, creating a wave of illumination and sending a message of unity worldwide.

MAPS: the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary will protect the entire Arctic Ocean north of the Arctic Circle from exploitation. The Arctic Ocean is a planetary life support system and a global temperature regulator. The rapid disappearance of polar ice that has served as the Earth’s air conditioning system for thousands of years has profound consequences. Wildlife ecosystems are being disrupted in unprecedented ways, endangering the survival of endemic species including the polar bear, Arctic fox, whale, walrus, narwhal and seal populations.

And the problem doesn’t stay in the Arctic. As polar ice melts, coastal cities around the world are threatened by rising sea levels, and glacial earthquakes lead to powerful tsunamis. In addition, as the ocean warms up due to disappearing ice, it gives rise to unstable and extreme weather patterns that are affecting crop yields and water sources globally.
Parvati.org has created the international Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary Treaty, which has been translated into all the official languages of the UN and distributed to all 193 UN member countries. The treaty becomes law with the ratification of 99 UN member states.

The #UniteByLight campaign is the beginning of Parvati.org’s innovative 24-month marketing strategy to reach hundreds of millions around the world and realize the organization’s goal to declare MAPS by the fall of 2018.

#UnityByLight perfectly follows the recent release of catchy pop radio single I Am Light, that inspires listeners, when they know they are light, to keep their footprint on the planet light. Composed and produced by Parvati.org’s founder and CEO, Canadian musician, yogini, activist and author Parvati, the sonic sunshine of I Am Light, radiant with lush electronic sounds and Parvati’s angelic voice, is simultaneously reminiscent of both Madonna and Enya at their best.

The song and music video raise awareness of the environmental work of Parvati.org worldwide. Fittingly, the I Am Light video was produced with a low ecological footprint through LED lighting, local sets and reclaimed materials.

“From high-powered executives to leaders worldwide, MAPS has received exceptional support. People know we must keep our planet cool and protect this vulnerable ecosystem,” says Parvati. “What I hear over and over is that people are looking for hope, and for ways to do more to help the Earth. The #UniteByLight campaign answers both of those needs, while helping to realize MAPS by the fall of 2018. Now is the time to commit to MAPS. The planet can’t wait.”

More info: http://parvati.org

Watch the “I Am Light” video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btKji3_lvOo

By Parvati Magazine staff