Innersense Organic Beauty, with Joanne Starkman

This month we spoke with Joanne Starkman, co-founder of Innersense Organic Beauty. Based in California, their company features a comprehensive line of certified organic and biodynamic, cruelty-free, hair care products.

Parvati Magazine: Unique to Innersense are “Hair Ceremonies.” What are they, and what inspired them?

Joanne Starkman, Innersense Organic Beauty: I have been a hairstylist for over 25 years. I understand the challenges people face in loving themselves and their hair. Health and vibrancy make us beautiful; we should celebrate ourselves with daily beauty routines that utilize the highest quality products, with the awareness that every moment is a blessing. Our current five “Hair Ceremonies” are collections designed for the unique needs of different types of hair, and our way of caring for those needs with intention and the idea that beauty is sacred.

PMAG: Innersense has many products suited for hair types, styling, and hair care. For customers new to your line, where should they start?

JS: Start with the idea that your hair is alive. Hair is our crown and glory, it is our most attuned antenna and supports our energy flow. It is so important to use products that support this notion and that have plant ingredients that resonate. I would start with one of our hairbaths and conditioner duos. They gently cleanse, perfectly hydrate, condition and detangle so hair is left youthful and vibrant, back in its natural state. A feeling of beauty beyond words.

PMAG: Tell us more about your featured product, Quiet Calm Curl Control?

JS: Quiet Calm Curl Control was inspired by my curly-haired daughter Morgan. When she was young I wasn’t able to find a product to care for her curls. It was the mid-90s and haircare was loaded with silicones and synthetic fragrance (most still are today). While silicones makes hair smooth and easy to detangle, I realized it was building up on her curls and suffocating the health, moisture and vibrancy out.

Her hair was not able to breathe and Quiet Calm was born! It hydrates and defines curls, eliminates frizz and is crafted with a perfect blend of Certified Organic shea butter, rooibos tea and honey extract. We added organic orange flower oil and frangipani which responds to curls like magic!

PMAG: Many women desire thicker, fuller hair. What do you recommend?

JS: It starts with good nutrition, a strong sense of self, and a whole lot of love. I feel it is so important to do the best we can to be grateful for the hair that we are given. Hair is like a plant or a puppy, it really wants to do right by us but needs love and attention to foster growth. Hair loves to be brushed, massaged and loved on and of course great products help. Our Harmonic Healing Oil truly is love in a bottle. It nurtures and hydrates the scalp for healthy growth, and nourishes and protects ends and the hair shaft with shine and emollients.

PMAG: For most, hair changes with age, what are some tips for maintaining healthy hair?

JS: Our entire body regenerates on a regular basis, so does our hair. As we age, good nutrition, balanced hormones and a general sense of well-being is the most effective way to maintain healthy hair. Stay away from harsh chemicals and make sensible choices when it comes to hair color and products. The biggest mistake women make is using silicone-laden products; then they wonder why their hair is lackluster. Ageless, happy hair is shiny and hydrated, with movement and style. Silicones drown your hair of moisture and “age” it tremendously.

Joanne Starkman cofounded Innersense Organic Beauty with her husband Greg, after the birth of their special-needs daughter led them seek a healthier path in mind, body and spirit. A hair stylist for over 25 years, she’s determined to blur the lines between health and beauty with the guiding principle that hairstylists are healers. A firm believer in the power of touch, Joanne lives in Northern California with Greg, Morgan, and son, Max and still loves creating hair ceremonies with intention.