Owlets: Upcycled and One-of-a-Kind

Created in 2013, Owlets N’ Things is a place where you can find very creative, fun and imagination-filled clothing, coats and toys for your children. Owlets believes that each child should be different, so every piece is one of a kind. Because sensory is a big part of children’s development, we also create clothing that is sensory-friendly for kids that can’t handle tags, and we try to hide seams as much as possible. And we love to use different textures and patterns on our dolls and other toys. We want every child’s imagination to fly when they are in our clothing. We even offer unicorn coats and dragon coats!

Wherever possible, we use up-cycled materials to be friendly to our environment. Most of our tops are made from up-cycled materials. When I can, I use up-cycled materials inside our coats. Our dolls are made from the scraps and cutoffs of our materials.

In honour of my cousin Ashley who is battling cancer, we created the Ashley dolls, which were very popular at the recent One of a Kind show in Toronto. A portion of the proceeds go to Ronald McDonald House as an opportunity for us to give back.

Our new lines this year will include maternity clothing and nursing tops. Our wildly popular kids’ raincoats (made from PVC-free, food-grade laminated cotton) will be available in women’s sizes. Think how fun it would be have mom and daughter matching raincoats! We will be adding to our toy line as well, with doll clothing and teepee tents. We will also be adding an Emmett doll in honor of my nephew who is battling kidney failure. Again, a portion of the proceeds will go to Ronald McDonald House.

Owlets N’ Things is pairing up with my friend Julie Duff from Divine Li’l Divas to open a store this February in downtown Guelph, Ontario. This artisan shop focused on families will sell toys, diapers, clothing and accessories for moms, dads and their kids. We will also be selling fabric, notions, and crafting supplies.

One of the things we are most proud of is that Owlets N’ Things products are all handmade in my home and studio. Each piece is carefully thought about. How will it function with you and your children? How fun are the colors and patterns? How do they feel? We also pride ourselves on being eco-friendly. I feel that up-cycling clothing and fabrics makes a big difference in our landfills and allows us to be truly one of a kind. We want the best for you and your Owlets.

Beth Firth-MartinBeth Firth-Martin is the designer, creator, and founder of Owlets N’ Things. Creative from a very young age, she studied interior design at Georgian College and has a great love for many different kinds of art. Her love of sewing took off when she started a quilt for her oldest daughter. When her youngest child was born, she challenged herself to make all her baby outfits from up-cycling old clothing. This led to her new passion and great love for all things sewing.