Taska Bags, The Vegan Style

The bag you carry is more than a function of life. It is a part of your identity, your lifestyle, your look! At Taska, I build this idea into each design to make pieces that are as unique as you are. In addition to my commitment to style and function is a strongly held belief in producing items from 100% cruelty free materials. I use the highest quality vegan leathers, textures, wovens, felts, canvas and many other interesting textiles. The mixing of fabrics and textures has become the signature look of the brand. The collection includes handbags, purses, totes, and clutches, backpacks and the new addition of clothing including tops and scarves.

Taska got its start showcasing at craft shows, shortly followed by an online presence. The collection has been embraced by vegan and vegetarian shoppers worldwide as well as fashion-conscious women who want Canadian-made beautiful unique items. I give much credit to the great community of Etsy for helping to introduce an international market to my collection. As a home-based business, my production capacity is limited but this year I’ve also partnered with some wonderful retailers and begun to branch out into wholesale.

My favorite way to connect with my clients is in person. I cherish the opportunity to meet my customer face to face, discuss their needs, hear feedback and share my art first hand. I’ve been so truly inspired by the relationships I’ve made and the fashionable women I’ve met from all walks of life and all ages. The ability to feel involved with the end consumer is my biggest inspiration. I want to design for my customer; she is my ever-changing muse.

For 2017 I’ve set some lofty goals for growth. The introduction of clothing has been received with open arms so I intend on expanding that category. Beginning with faux leather-trimmed, up-cycled sweaters, I soon branched out into ponchos, wraps and scarves, with each piece featuring the signature mix of textured knits and faux leather. I’ll be adding three new designs to the poncho/wrap collection and am sampling some outerwear. Stay tuned for details!

Another new addition in 2016 was a collection of backpacks that met with an overwhelming response! With the increase in cycle commuting, transit takers, busy parents and really just anyone wanting to be hands free, practical and stylish, I underestimated the popularity of this functional bag and I intend to expand this grouping to meet demand.

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Nadya Asti-RoseNadya Asti-Rose was born and raised in beautiful British Columbia where she trained in the fashion design program at Blanche Macdonald School in Vancouver, BC. Graduating in 1997, she spent the 16 years following working in the fashion industry in various capacities for more than 25 clothing and accessories collections. In 2002 she relocated to Toronto where she went on to own and operate a fashion sales agency for five years and launched a successful on line boutique. She began work on Taska in Spring 2011 and the collection officially launched in Fall 2012.