Goodbeing Beauty Boxes, with Aysia Wright

This month, Beauty Editor Joy Elkayam interviewed Aysia Wright, founder of Goodbeing, a trial and discovery monthly service of health, beauty and natural wellness products, that are non-toxic and sustainable.

Parvati Magazine: What prompted the start of Goodbeing?

Aysia Wright: My background has always been in the environmental advocacy and the sustainable living space. It was around the time BirchBox launched that I thought, someone needs to do this but make the box dedicated to clean/healthy beauty and really customize the selections for members so they are a good fit. I suggested it to a few friends as I had another job at the time, and after a few tries with no takers, I decided to do it myself. I started to work on the company in May 2011 and we shipped our first box in March 2012.

PMAG: What can Goodbeing members expect in their box each month?

AW: We really aim to set realistic expectations. These products are more expensive to produce than a lot of mainstream and conventional products, and the box is only $21 USD a month, so product sizes and the retail value of the box is going to vary. In general, members can expect to receive 4 or 5 items, customized to their member profile from the items we have sourced. Some months will have a full size, maybe two travel size items, a deluxe sample and perhaps a couple of single use sachets. Overall, an average box value should not go below $35 in any given month and usually averages closer to $45-$55, sometimes significantly higher.

PMAG: What is your process to review and screen the sample products for your customers?

AW: We receive samples to test performance, look at the branding, presentation, mission/story of the company and screen all ingredients to weed out those containing ingredients that present a risk to health. We use a variety of sources, including the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Database and specific research, The Breast Cancer Fund’s “Red List” and other research to determine which we will not allow. It often has to be revisited as new information comes to light.

Our aim is not to be alarmist. Your mascara (or any beauty product really), even if it includes several toxic ingredients known to cause harm to human health, is most likely not going to kill you. Our bodies are designed to keep toxins out and to flush them out when they get in. That said, we are on overload when it comes to our cumulative exposure on a daily basis – in the air, water, in our homes, food, consumer products, and yes, beauty and personal care products. It’s more a matter of reducing cumulative exposure where we can control the elements because there are so many paths to exposure we can’t control.  Our mission is about making informed decisions and providing alternatives for those wishing to opt for healthier beauty natural wellness products.

PMAG: What is your recommended beauty regimen for fresh and hydrated skin?


  1. Use a gentle cleanser that won’t strip away healthy facial oils. OSEA Ocean Cleanser is a hydrating facial cleanser, full of minerals, algae, vitamins, and mineral salts.
  2. To remove dull or flakey skin, encourage cell turnover, use a gentle exfoliant. In January, customers received a Gaffer&Child face scrub, which uses organic seeds and organic cane sugar..
  3. Tone after cleansing and before moisturizing, but also mist a toner that contains glycerin throughout the day to help soothe skin and lock in moisture, such as Pangea Organics’ French Rosemary & Sweet Orange Toner, showcased to our clients in February.
  4. Moisturize using a water base with hyaluronic acid, and with an oil base on top for extra dry skin. We recently sent samples of Seaweed Bath Co. Restore + Protect Day Cream & Restoring Marine Night Therapy.
  5. Hydrate your skin by drinking water, eating high water content foods like cucumber, melons and berries, and make sure to incorporate healthy fats / fatty acids, from avocados, olives, nuts and fish, into your diet.

Aysia WrightAn ‘eco-preneur’ is an apt title for Aysia Wright, who has worked in the environmental arena, from volunteer and legal based advocacy, to market-based, product and sustainable, brand centric work in retail/e-commerce, journalism, public relations and marketing. Aysia enjoys using this experience, both in her own endeavors and in support of others, to help effect a shift in the market and consumer awareness and demand at large toward more sustainable & health inducing products and behaviors.  Learn more at