Young fit woman doing yoga exercises on yoga mat at gym

Free Home Workouts With No Equipment

If the weather or your schedule this past winter has kept you from getting active, you may well be itching for a way to get moving this spring without needing to spend money on a gym membership or hit the streets. Reboot your fitness with these free resources to help you rediscover how much fun it is to get your blood pumping and start working those muscles!

POPSUGAR is a long-standing resource. Originally FitSugar, it rebranded several years ago and is now a multi-purpose fitness and nutrition community. Anna Renderer is a peppy instructor whose playful colour commentary makes it ok and fun to feel stretched or challenged. Her participants get to chime in with enthusiastic comments too. The result is a positive, encouraging environment that helps you remember it’s supposed to be fun to move your body. Here’s a great 15-minute workout you can try to get a quick full-body exercise. “You don’t need a gym! All you need is good moves and a good attitude.”

HASFit, or Heart and Soul fit, is a literal mom-and-pop: coach Joshua Kozak and his wife Carla feature their baby girl in the introductory video for their channel. But their 440,000 subscribers are proof there’s more to HASFit than just a sweet family. HASFit offers a number of workouts you can try out for free. Joshua demonstrates the more intense moves while Carla shows gentler, more modified moves you can try if you are just coming back from injury or a long period of inactivity. They even offer a workout for people who need to stay seated!

UK-based Carly Rowena is a marketing manager turned fitness blogger and personal trainer. Her YouTube features a mix of lifestyle and workout videos. Her popular “20 Minute Fat Burn At Home Workout” is filmed right in front of her living room couch, making it feel approachable and relatable for those of us who don’t have an Instagram-worthy studio of our very own to work out in.

And if you do decide after all this that you’d like to get outside and moving, try the playful and challenging sport of parkour. The Tapp Brothers are here to get you started.

Enjoy exploring ways to stay moving, no matter what life brings!

Pranada McBurnie
is a communications professional living in Toronto, Canada. She is the Managing Editor of Parvati Magazine, and the Communications Manager for In addition, she is the editor for Parvati’s forthcoming books “The Grace Mindset”, “The Three Supreme Secrets for Lasting Happiness”, “Yoga, The Universe and You” and the “Aonani of Avalon” nine-part young adult fiction series.