Amour Vert, Sustainability and Style, with Linda Balti

This month, Parvati Magazine spoke with Linda Balti, the founder and creative director of  Amour Vert, an eco-conscious company that creates clothing using natural, organic and recycled materials without toxic dyes. Made in America, this company has adopted a zero-waste philosophy and planted over a hundred thousand trees with their tree planting program.

Parvati Magazine: What was the inspiration behind Amour Vert?

Linda Balti, Amour Vert: Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world behind big oil. We wanted to create a brand where great style and sustainability can co-exist.

PMAG: What are some recommendations for people looking to make the switch to eco-fashion while shopping on a budget?

LB: We recommend shopping vintage and buying a few classic pieces that you love and are great quality instead a bunch of cheaper items that will fall apart.

PMAG: What steps do you recommend to care for natural fiber items like silk, modal or wool so that they last a long time?

LB: To care for your clothes, we advise to follow the care instructions on the label, opt for eco friendly dry cleaners, and for anything that can go in the wash, wash it inside out and skip the dryer. It saves energy and is better for the garment!

PMAG: Modal fiber items tend to drape very close to the body. How can people make the most of these items?

LB: At Amour Vert, we have modal in a variety of cuts and silhouettes, so you can find one that flatters your figure. We also carry modal blends, such as a cotton modal blend, that is super soft and slightly more structured than modal, but it still drapes well.

PMAG: What do you think stands in the way of more fashion companies going eco, and how can this change?

LB: Their current production process isn’t set up that way, and it’s a big investment to switch. It also can cost more to make clothes sustainably, and they would have to charge their customers more. For it to change, customers would need to demand change. Once they start shopping sustainably, and not shopping at traditional retailers, then more companies will go eco.

PMAG: What is on the horizon for Amour Vert that you are excited about?

LB: In April, we are opening a store in Lido Marina Village in Newport Beach. We are growing quickly both online and in our retail locations, which will likely lead us to open up more stores this year. Our catalog program is also expanding, and we are introducing new categories online to truly be a lifestyle brand. On the production end, we are launching new fabrications called a cotton slub, which is a first of its kind proprietary blend that combines organic cotton with modal.

Linda Balti
Linda Balti
is Founder and Creative Director of the eco-fashion brand, Amour Vert. In 2009, after learning that that the apparel industry was the second most polluting next to oil production, she joined forces with her husband, Christoph Frehsee, to develop a contemporary eco-fashion collection that put fashion first. Using the highest quality organic and sustainable fabrics and low impact dyes, Linda’s design practices continue to employ a zero-waste philosophy. She taps her engineering background to reduce the brand’s environmental footprint in every step of the design and manufacturing process. She designs and produces each collection in California. See the collection here.