Nourished Life, with Irene Falcone

Irene Falcone is the founder and beauty blogger of Nourished Life in Australia. Her search for toxin-free, natural and organic beauty and lifestyle products has garnered her several awards and a dedicated following.

Parvati Magazine: How did you come to start Nourished Life?

Irene Falcone: I’ve always loved skincare and beauty products, but six years ago I was so fatigued all the time and constantly run down. I eventually discovered just how many chemicals I was putting on my body simply by using dozens of these products every single day. After I realised how toxic they were, I started doing more research about exactly what goes into mainstream makeup and skin care and how bad they can be for your health, and decided to make it my mission to find the best natural and organic products out there to replace everything I had to get rid of. I started Nourished Life as a blog to share information and it eventually grew into the business it is today.

PMAG: You turn away many brands to feature in your store even though they are natural and organic. What types of ingredients should consumers be aware of in these products?

IF: The thing about these products is that they are marketed as ‘organic’ or ‘natural’, but really they’re not. This green-washing is misleading to consumers because a lot of these products contain things like sulfates, parabens and artificial preservatives and might not even be cruelty free, with just a few natural ingredients added in to make it seem like they’re completely organic. And the terms ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ can be thrown around a lot without having much substantial evidence behind them, so it makes a huge difference when you know a product has actually had its ingredients checked or has been certified.

PMAG: How do you test products for effectiveness?

IF: Once I’ve checked each new brand or product’s ingredients, it’s all about getting in products that people will actually use and find helpful. I’ll often reach out to my customers on Facebook and ask for their opinions on whether or not they think a product is worth it. If it’s not useful or they just aren’t interested then I won’t get it in. It’s about being completely transparent with my customers and only stocking products that can make our daily lives easier and greener without compromising on quality.

PMAG: Do you find it difficult to find reasonably priced, organic, and effective products?

IF: Thankfully there are more and more new organic brands emerging all the time, so there’s something for everyone in terms of price. Some customers prefer to spend a bit more for more specific organic ingredients that might be a higher price point, but brands like 100% Pure are great because there’s middle ground for everyone to find something they like within an affordable price range. I also get a lot of feedback that these brands often perform just as well as or even better than mainstream high-end products, and they cost a lot less!

PMAG: How can visitors new to your site get started and take advantage of all the information you have to offer?

IF: A lot of my customers have actually come to find my site through my social media pages. Because I started Nourished Life as a blog, I still love sharing information and starting a discussion with my customers so it’s two-way communication. The best way for new visitors to get started is to just have a read of my Facebook or Instagram pages and all of the discussions that happen on there. By now I have a blog post on just about every topic you can think of, so it’s easy to find information on something you’re interested in or need help with.

PMAG: What do you see for yourself next at Nourished Life?

IF: Right now the aim is to keep my business moving in the direction of environmental sustainability, so I’m constantly looking for new products that can help make our daily lives more eco-friendly in any way possible. Environmental sustainability is really important to me so I’m trying to do everything I can to keep moving in that direction and constantly improve the business as well.

Irene FalconeIrene Falcone is the founder and CEO of Nourished Life. A store that provides sustainable, eco-friendly, and natural personal care, beauty & lifestyle products — all backed by substantiated information. Nourished Life brings together an extensive range of comprehensively researched, affordable, eco-friendly products that are good for us and good for our planet. For more information visit