Vapour, with Krysia Boinis and Kristine Keheley

This month, our Beauty Editor Joy Elkayam spoke to Vapour Organic Beauty, particularly its co-founders Krysia Boinis and Kristine Keheley. Based in Taos, New Mexico, this award-winning natural and organic makeup line is handcrafted using top-notch sustainable practices and a favourite among celebrities.

Parvati Magazine: The city where Vapour was born, Taos, New Mexico, is described as a “muse for infinite creativity…. that is reflected in Vapour’s unique formulas.” Give our readers some insight into this special place, and its impact on your creations.

Vapour Organic Beauty: Taos empowers us to be unconventional and true to ourselves.

Krysia Boinis, Vapour Co-founder: We are out here on the land, in the elements, steeping in the creativity of the Earth herself, and Vapour is a tangible reflection of this.

Kristine Keheley, Vapour Co-founder: The magical mix that makes Taos Taos, also makes Vapour different from any other brand. It’s a little bit pioneer, a little bit outlaw, a little bit adventurer and a lot of art. I think we’re very much of this place.

PMAG: I was intrigued by your “Clean Swaps” inventory. Tell us more about it.

VOB: At Vapour, we understand wanting high performing products. We were Chanel lipstick wearers ourselves! It has become more common (and necessary) to consider the ingredients we are putting on and in our bodies and make lifestyle choices that support our overall health and that of our planet. We offer “Clean Swaps” to help make it easier to choose cleaner options. And it’s fun! There’s nothing like finding a product that offers the same color shade and performance as a conventional favorite.

PMAG: I think you read the minds of online shoppers by offering the “Beauty Expert” feature, where clients can upload photos and receive assistance selecting colors and shades for their complexion. What has been the response of your users?

VOB: Our Beauty Expert program is super popular. Every day, dozens of requests come in for shade match recommendations… “I am afraid to wear foundation because I don’t know my shade.” “My favorite blush is Nars Orgasm, what Vapour shade should I try?” It’s a great way to introduce people to products and shades that will suit them as well as introduce them to the Vapour brand. Many customers have additional questions about application or ingredients, and ‘the beauty expert’ gives us an opportunity to share our knowledge about clean beauty directly with them.

PMAG: The use and creation of color is a big part of Vapour, and comes across in your vibrant selection. What inspires your palette?

VOB: The natural landscape of Taos is both rugged and vast. High-desert mesas and the deep Rio Grande gorge contrast with the jutting mountains and rushing waters. The expansive sky and crystalline light wrap around it all to influence everything and everyone here. We are deeply in love with our landscape and its high altitude light that creates our outrageous sunsets. This natural beauty inspires Vapour’s fine art infused color palette.

PMAG: Vapour is engaged in all aspects of conscious creation – products, environmental stewardship, community engagement, and your continual evolution as a company. What imparting words do you want our readers to know about the consciousness behind Vapour?

KB/VOB: Vapour Beauty’s roots are in natural product design and sustainable manufacturing. We consider the environmental impact of every decision we make. This commitment to planetary and personal health is in our DNA, it’s just intrinsic to who we are and what we do. We are dedicated to leaving the world a better place than we found it.

Krysia BoinisKrysia Boinis, Vapour CEO and Co-founder, has been designing and manufacturing natural skin care for over 20 years. Living in the high desert has focused her passions for beauty, consciousness and health. Personal and professional integrity is one and the same to Krysia, and Vapour expresses her convictions at every step of the design process.




Kristine-KeheleyKristine Keheley, Co-founder, is Vapour’s leading-edge formulator and an internationally collected fine artist. Taos’ high-elevation light and ever-changing sky influence her painting and the innovations in cosmetics formulation she has brought to Vapour. Kristine’s poetic and pragmatic spirit influences Vapour in profound ways.