The Vibrant Space of “I Am”

When you get out of your own way, your life flows in true vibrancy. The tighter you hold on to the hope that you can control events and outcomes, the more you and others suffer. When you try to make this moment as your ego would have it, the further you move away from the sweet balance that exists in the now. When you take pause from this effortful fight, you open to see that you have in fact no control. This is not because you are not powerful, but because beyond the limited sense of a separate “me”, you are powerful beyond belief. You have no need for a finite sense of control. You have been gifted with the immense power of choice in how you will respond to the moment before you. You see that the idea of a separate “me” is a limited lens through which you perceive life, but not the whole picture. You begin to understand that “I am” is more than enough. It is in truth all that is.

Try this exercise to help you embrace the reality that you are not a lone and separated doer but a vast, interconnected being, one with all:

  • Lie on your back on a mat on the floor, or another place where you can relax without the risk of falling asleep. Bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor about hip width apart, so that your breathing is easy, deep and relaxed.
  • Breathe into your belly. Allow the rhythm of the breath to bring your mind deeper into this moment, into the sensations in your body, into the feeling of being here and now. Go deeper into yourself and feel the connection your body has with the floor. Feel the unconditional support the ground gives your body.
  • Allow that sense of unconditional interconnect to expand. Become aware of how your body touches the floor, the floor touches the building, the building touches the earth, the earth touches everyone. Become aware how your skin touches the air, the air touches the sky, the sky touches the stars, the stars touch the cosmos. Feel connected and a part of it all.
  • Go deeper into the connection that your breath has with the outside air and how it flows into your body. Know that the air you breathe is also connected to all animals, all humans, all living things. Take a moment to feel that interconnection. Feel the immense possibility of life itself inside and out. Let the notion of inside and out soften, so that it is one continuum.
  • Allow your being to expand, to open to this life force that is in you, around you and everywhere. Stay rooted in your body by still feeling the ground and your breath, as well as the expansive awareness you have been cultivating.
  • Allow yourself to open to receive the possibilities in this moment. Feel them in your breath and in your cells. While maintaining this presence, say to yourself: “I am.”
  • Repeat “I am” gently, lovingly, with care and attention.
  • Avoid any tendency to add narrative at the end of that statement. Let it be complete and feel whole. Allow your sense of a separate “me” to soften. Be open to the possibility that “I am” is the whole truth. Say it as long as you need to, feeling it resonate inwardly. Repeat it as though you were feeding your cells divine grace. Repeat it until you truly feel it. Keep your focus within, rather than leaving your body. Focus on the positive possibilities of being you, not on wanting to change. Be present with the possibilities of the now.
  • When you are ready, thank yourself for the gift of this practice. Begin to move from this place of interconnection. Allow your day now to flow from the awareness that no matter where you go, or what you do, you are always within the whole, a part of it all.

Parvati is an award-winning musician (“I Am Light”, “Electro Yog”, “Yoga In The Nightclub”), yogini (YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine), author (“The Grace Mindset”, “Aonani of Avalon”, “The Three Supreme Secrets for Lasting Happiness”) and founder of the not-for-profit All her work is dedicated to protecting all life on Earth by establishing the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS). More info: