Undoctored, with William Davis, M.D.

Parvati Magazineโ€™s Wellness Editor, Dr. Karen Ho, speaks to Dr. William Davis about his new book Undoctored, a revolution beyond his bestselling Wheat Belly to empower the individual for optimal health.

Parvati Magazine: Tell us about the Undoctored method. It sounds pretty radical. Do you really advocate losing oneโ€™s doctor?

Dr. William Davis: The Undoctored approach evolved over the six-year, worldwide Wheat Belly experience. The original book advocated wheat removal with terrific results, and I have expanded the message to removing all grains and correction of nutritional deficiencies. The result: reversal of hundreds of health conditions such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, acid reflux, migraines, ulcerative colitis and many others.

But the turning point came when it became clear that people were achieving astounding transformations in health and appearance using this method, despite their doctors. Doctors do, of course, play a role in health. But this experience demonstrated that people are capable of achieving extraordinary successes in health without the doctor, drugs or procedures.

In Undoctored, I expand the strategies and tools that evolved through the Wheat Belly experience to obtain even better results, while showing readers how to weave in the new informational, collaborative, and health tracking tools that are becoming available to us.

PMAG: How can patients work best with their healthcare provider in the Undoctored framework?

WD: First, get healthy by following the Undoctored strategies. The primary role of the doctor through this process is to help the patient get off prescription drugs safely, as the majority of drugs become unnecessary (e.g., diabetes drugs as someone becomes non-diabetic). Second, insist that your healthcare provider work as your advocate, a champion for your health. The modern doctor-person relationship is a collaborative effort because you bring just as much, if not more, knowledge and experience to the relationship as the doctor in this new age of rapid information dissemination and online collaboration. Third, make it clear that you will not engage in the traditional paternalistic relationship. Reject any doctor who refuses to listen or collaborate.

PMAG: The method you propose uses technology and the democratization of medical information through the internet to help people generate their own health information. But does this lack the rigour of scientific testing?

WD: Letโ€™s be clear: We are not conducting clinical trials on unwitting subjects. We are applying knowledge and science that are already published and proven but typically not conveyed to people by doctors or the healthcare system because it does not serve their revenue-generating interests.

For example, someone with high blood pressure has just been prescribed three drugs, then follows Undoctored strategies that result in a drop in blood pressure, and no longer needs these medications. This person obtains an easy-to-use Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure device that records blood pressure on her smartphone, even shares the data with her doctor. She finds that her blood pressure is now lower than while on medication, but that the previous spikes she experienced with emotional or physical stress are markedly improved or gone.

In other words, this person has applied the lessons learned in Undoctored strategies that caused blood pressure to reduce naturally, without medications and their adverse consequences. In restoring the natural and intrinsic needs of humans often missing in modern life, one can find freedom from chronic, common ailments.

PMAG: Considering the many obstacles in the healthcare industry today, do you envision integrating the Undoctored method into the greater mainstream?

WD: Absolutely. The current healthcare paradigm is a financial balloon that is not only crippling the economy, but crippling individual health. A lifetime of prescription medications, being overweight, and being reliant on a healthcare system that simply piles on more medications and procedures at substantial personal cost is not a lifeโ€”it is a prison. Healthcare has evolved into a self-serving, revenue-hungry system intent on serving its own needs, not restoring health in the simplest, most natural way to the individual.

On the bright side, if people come to understand and embrace these simple issues, they have gained control over health, weight, and the way they look and feel. And, having witnessed this process play out many hundreds of thousands of times, I can say with absolute confidence that health achieved through the Undoctored pathway is infinitely better than health only managed clumsily and incompletely by the current healthcare system.

Dr. William Davis

Cardiologist, Dr. William Davis is a New York Times #1 Best Selling Author, and the Medical Director and founder of the Wheat Belly Lifestyle Institute, that helps people navigate this lifestyle and provides a community for further engagement, as well as Medical Director and founder of the Cureality program that helps educate and inform people in ways to take back control over health. Learn more about Undoctored here.