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Mineral Fusion, with Tim Schaeffer

Mineral makeup generally consists of titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and iron oxide minerals mixed with pigments. In addition to creating a natural healthy glow, these minerals remain on the skinโ€™s surface and do not clog pores, and are also water resistant. This month, Parvati Magazine spoke with Tim Schaeffer, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Mineral Fusion. Since 2007, Mineral Fusion has been producing handmade cosmetics, skin, hair and nail products in Denver, Colorado.

Parvati Magazine: What are some of the benefits of minerals in makeup, hair care and skin care?

Tim Schaeffer: Minerals provide stunning, natural pigments for cosmetics that can be used in place of artificial colors. Mineral pigments allow natural cosmetic brands to create on-trend color palettes that are richly pigmented, hypoallergenic, and super silky. For skin care, minerals also are as powerful as they are beautiful. Iron delivers wrinkle defense, mineral water is rich in nutrients that replenish the skin, they provide amazing sunscreen, and they can help stimulate hair growth at a cellular level.

PMAG: When people are trying mineral products for the first time, can they expect any noticeable differences compared with conventional products?

TS: The only difference you might notice is that mineral cosmetics may not be able to achieve super vibrant shades, like really bright pinks or reds, but the range of color is pretty amazing and always improving.

PMAG: You have a new nightly renewal kit made to detoxify, smooth lines and recover. Tell us about some of the star ingredients in these products.

TS: Yes, the cleanser has purifying charcoal to gently extract makeup and impurities, our Line-Smoothing Treatment has really effective natural actives like Glycolic Acid and Pineapple Fruit Enzyme to help resurface the skin, and the rich night cream has deeply hydrating Evening Primrose Oil to lock in moisture and treatments while you sleep!

PMAG: What colours and trends are you loving right now for the fall season?

TS: We tend to have colors that stay on trend year round in our collection, like our Stunning Eye Shadow Trio and our Flicker Lip Tint. And those shimmering nudes and earthy reds are perfect for fall.

PMAG: This time of year, we experience a mix of cool mornings and evenings with some temperate days. What are your recommendations to maintain healthy skin?

TS: We always recommend to exfoliate regularly to remove dull surface skin, wear SPF daily, and make sure your skin is properly hydrated โ€“ from the inside out.

Tim SchaefferTim Schaefferโ€™s background began in marine ecology, population genetics and cancer research. In 2001, he joined Avalon Natural Products (d.b.a. Avalon Organics and Alba Botanica) as the companyโ€™s brand manager, launching over 100 items through 2007. Since joining Mineral Fusion in 2009, Tim has repositioned, redesigned and expanded the brand, launching over 150 products that have either expanded the cosmetics line or grown it into new categories. As of 2017, Mineral Fusion is firmly established among the top selling and fastest growing brands in the natural channel.