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Meant to Move, with Tamara Levinson

Tamara Levinson, also known as Cuchira, inspires thousands of people around the world to step up and be themselves. Tamara created MovMEANT which integrates dance and yoga to transform people from the inside out. In this issue, Yoga Editor Ella Isakov speaks with Tamara about her evolution through movement, and what drives her to help others on their journey of transformation.

Parvati Magazine: You were an Olympic rhythmic gymnast from childhood and then moved on to dance, dancing for people like Madonna. What instigated your transition into yoga?

Tamara Levinson: As I got older my body needed healing and my soul needed loving. Yoga and the therapeutic arts provided both elements.

PMAG: You created MovMEANT Therapy, integrating your background in rhythmic gymnastics and dance. How is MovMEANT conducive to healing?

TL: We are meant to move! Movement allows us to come in tune with our felt sense, which puts us deeply in touch with our true selves, in ways words or analytical construct simply cannot achieve. Movement is the most primitive, natural, organic, intelligent therapeutic tool we have been blessed with. As Peter A. Levine says, “Let the body speak its mind.”

PMAG: You allow yourself to be seen on social media with all that goes on in your life, the good and the ugly. How has yoga been part of your journey to listen and feel, and bare all?

TL: I’ve always been very transparent. I believe we are more alike than we are different, especially when it come to the infinite emotions, the human experience. It’s important for me to share all of myself in hopes that it will help even one person to realize when they have been told they were “different” (in a non-accepting way) that it is actually what makes them BEYOUtiful! Yoga has given me the quiet safe space within me to see that ALL of me is BEYOUtiful & worth sharing.

PMAG: I love your message of BEYOUtiful, which is all about inclusion, acceptance, full expression of self, being playful, and loosening the reins on what’s right. Movement has shifted and transformed your life. How do you hope what you teach will have an impact on how others transform and evolve?

TL: Peace comes from self-love. Self-love comes from fully accepting ourselves. I guide people to love themselves with the help of the most organic gift we’ve been given, the power of movement! I don’t teach because everyone instinctively already has everything they need inside; you’re your own best teacher. My practice and my guidance offers up a reminder, an internal massage, a cleansing of the soul so that they can again see the beauty within which has always been there.

PMAG: If you had one piece of advice for the young generation growing up in this age, what would it be? How would yoga play a part in it?

TL: Don’t waste time worrying about what everyone thinks of you! Play. Be. Love. Explore. There is no right. There is no wrong. There is only BEYOUtiful you!

Tamara Levinson MovMEANT

Tamara Levinson was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At age 15, she represented the USA Rhythmic Gymnastics team at the 1992 Olympics. Her movement art led her into a successful and ongoing dance, aerial and choreography career. Tamara’s most significant & passionate work to date has been her creation of MovMEANT Therapeutic Arts. She currently guides people around the world to find healing through the BEYOUty of MovMEANT. For more information go to yogance.com.