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As UN General Assembly Opens, Speaks at 300×2050 Launch

As the UN General Assembly opened in New York City in September, a new environmental initiative kicked off – and played a role.

The new innovative online funding platform 300×2050 has launched an initiative to identify, fund and achieve Climate Restoration. With the support of The Be Earth Foundation, a UN Intergovernmental Organization and The Healthy Climate Alliance, 300×2050 celebrated the launch of this new funding initiative by hosting a breakfast and expert panel discussion about key issues related to Climate Restoration β€” and the impact this pursuit would have on business, governments, the UN and the future of humanity.’s legal counsel, Vandana Erin Ryder, was part of the expert panel discussion at the SDG Media Zone in the UN Plaza, discussing how the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS) addresses multiple climate and conservation issues in a single, cost-free and immediately realizable solution.

β€œIt was an honour to participate in the 300×2050 breakfast and speak to the importance and value of MAPS to an informed and motivated audience,” says Ryder. β€œWe all have the shared goal of a healthy planet. There is no doubt that with forward thinking and bold action, we can avert a great deal of catastrophe and suffering globally. MAPS is an essential and urgently needed intervention.”

Luminaries such as Dr. Jane Goodall, Dr. Sylvia Earle, Louie Psihoyos, Peter Neill, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez and Julia Butterfly Hill have endorsed the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, which declares the Arctic Ocean north of the Arctic Circle an international peace park, free from exploitation of all kinds, in perpetuity. It stops all activity in the Arctic Ocean that harms the melting polar ice, and ensures the regeneration of this essential ecosystem. It is a free, effective and immediate solution to the unprecedented threat facing our entire world. created the international MAPS Treaty to prevent this key and vulnerable region from becoming exploited and exacerbating extreme weather, food shortages, flooding and other issues around the world. The MAPS Treaty has been translated into all official UN languages, provided to all 193 UN member states, and shared with officials at COP21 and COP22.

β€œThe UN General Assembly is a key time to raise the need for MAPS,” says founder Parvati Devi. β€œWe call on all world leaders attending the Assembly to heed the words of the experts who support MAPS. The gathering of so many nations is a golden opportunity for countries to ratify the MAPS Treaty, which – for the sake of all life on Earth – must enter into force while there is still enough polar ice to regenerate.”

Citizens of all nations are urged to sign and share the MAPS petition at, and to call on their governments to ratify the MAPS Treaty immediately. is a not-for-profit dedicated to a healthy world. Its first order
of business is the realization of MAPS: the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary,
an effective step to cool our planet and keep our oceans alive.