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Beaumont Organic – Local, Natural and Elegant, with Hannah Beaumont-Laurencia

Hailing from Manchester in the United Kingdom, the organic women’s clothing line Beaumont Organic began in 2008 with eight t-shirts made of organic cotton. They saw rapid growth in 2009 after winning the Best Organic Textile Award, and soon started to sell their line in Japan. In the following years, they launched an online shop and expanded their collection from t-shirts to a 60-piece collection.

Customers can choose from an all-natural textile line, including organic cotton, chemical-free processed bamboo, linen, wool, silk, and natural vegetable-tanned leather. Production is close to home, in Portugal and England. Factory employees receive fair wages and working hours and safe working conditions. Local manufacturing allows Beaumont Organic greater quality control of their garments, and also fewer kilometres to ship deliveries, meaning less stress on the environment. This month Parvati Magazine spoke with Hannah Beaumont-Laurencia, the founder of Beaumont Organic.

Parvati Magazine: How would you characterize Beaumont Organic’s style? How are you influenced by your surroundings of Manchester and the UK?

Hannah Beaumont-Laurencia: Minimal, sophisticated and elegant. The clothing is certainly practical for city living and has a nod to traditional English heritage.

PMAG: You started your company with eight t-shirts. What inspired you to start with t-shirts? Was it a natural progression to a full line of clothes with accessories?

HBL: T-shirts were for me the simplest and most practical item to start with. As sales and demand grew, I knew we needed to expand and offer our customers more choice.

PMAG: You have said that you offer luxury organic and ethical clothing at mid-market prices. Compared to mainstream clothing companies, what are customers getting when they buy at Beaumont?

HBL: They are buying a special item, made from a small run and ethical factory. They are getting an honest garment with a clear conscience, which is beautifully and thoughtfully made. It is a lifestyle purchase.

PMAG: Your fall and winter line included cozy knits, wool coats, and flowy dresses. What will the spring bring?

HBL: Beautiful modals, linens, hemps in stunning muted tones.

PMAG: You also host many workshops unrelated to fashion, such as monthly supper clubs and macrame wallhanging workshops. What prompted these workshops and what do you love most about them?

HBL: The workshops allow 49 Hilton Street to be a creative hub and community destination. I love socialising with other artisans and promoting their work.

Hannah Beaumont-LaurenciaHannah Beaumont-Laurencia had a love of fashion from an early age and, by her early teens, was making handbags for a local boutique. In 2008, Beaumont Organic was born, allowing her to combine her creativity and business sense in an authentic way. Beaumont Organic sells in 12 countries, with a team of staff in Manchester and an online store. .