January 2018: Assertion (Read the Full Issue)

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Welcome to the January 2018Β edition of Parvati Magazine.

A new year is beginning, full of promise. How you embrace its potential for the highest good in your own life and in the world depends on the choices you make in each moment. You always have the choice to either assert your ego, or to rest in the knowing of your inherent interconnection with all that is. As such, everything you do, think and feel literally affects everyone and everything.

When you meet what is with an open heart and mind, the riches of each moment unlock for you. There is no need to push your will upon the here and now, for that will only bring suffering to you and others. Instead, the assertion of your deepest soul knowing and luminous heart will always guide you to that which is best for all.

One could say that the right use of will is a yogic practice: balanced, present, surrendered, and in flow. It is a complete and absolute β€œYES!” in your every cell to your soul’s joy, a total release of all thoughts of anything else being your purpose. Joy is your purpose. So by focusing unequivocally on your joy, you align yourself with universal, divine will.

In this month’s inspiring issue, on the theme of Assertion, you will discover how Oprah Winfrey brings together leaders to support millions in finding meaning in their life; how Dr. Norman Rosenthal explores the riches of the moment in his book Super Mind; how to stand your ground in a rooted, vital and expansive way – and much more.

Also this month, we premiere a new feature for music lovers: a special curated list of current music recommendations. They could be pop, EDM, country, hip hop, jazz, or other genres. The common thread is that they feel alive with positive possibilities! Find out all the details in the Music column.

Life force moves, dances, sustains and arises through you in each moment, when you are willing to co-create with it. Though its flow has many expressions, it will always feel rooted, vital and expansive. Engaged and assertive, whether it is gentle and quiet or fierce and expressive, it will never be pushy, or a push-over. It gains its strength from a balanced expression of interconnection within the whole. May you find that flow in all you do this month.

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Until next month, remember
Love yourself.
Love others.
Love our world.
We are one Earth family.