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Precision Nutrition- Supporting Healthy Behaviour and Healthy Communities, with Krista Scott-Dixon

Krista Scott-Dixon is the Director of Curriculum at Precision Nutrition, one of the top online nutrition coaching and coach certification programs in the world. Parvati Magazine caught up with her to talk about nutrition, coaching and how consistent daily actions can create significant change in our lives.

Parvati Magazine: What would you say is the main philosophy behind the Precision Nutrition approach to health and wellness?

Krista Scott-Dixon: The main philosophy is basically this:
● Do something. Knowledge is great, but only action can create change.
● Do what you can with what you have, wherever you’re at right now.
● Do a little bit better, wherever you can, today.
● Do less, but more effectively.
● Keep it real.
● Be excellent to yourself.
● Practice, practice, practice.

PMAG: In the early days of PN, the focus seemed to be more directed towards the science of nutrition. In the past eight to ten years, there has been a move to emphasize coaching as well. What motivated PN to adopt this new focus?

KSD: The short answer is that just providing nutritional information doesn’t work. Most people can’t and won’t use information alone. They don’t have a clear step-by-step plan of what to do, they feel overwhelmed, they don’t have support, they can’t evaluate which choices make sense, etc.

We can only change — especially long-term — when we are able to take steps with support, and repeat that practice over and over and over.

Plus, more information is not better. Most people don’t benefit from knowing about the exact ratio of amino acids or polysaccharide types in their food.

PMAG: Your website is filled with testimonials from people all over the world who have accessed your programs. What do you believe is the key factor behind the success of your clients?

KSD: There are a few major factors:

● We offer support. Clients are never alone.
● The program is sequenced and scaffolded — clients go step by step through a carefully planned curriculum. Each step is in the right place — clients don’t jump too far beyond their existing skill level.
● Clients focus on one thing at a time.
● The program focuses on practicing behaviours and developing core skills, rather than getting to specific outcomes.

The clients who do the best share the following characteristics:

● They show up. Like just show up. As often as possible. Whether they are “good at it” or not… they just show up for class.
● They are coachable and have “beginner’s mind”. They are open to new ideas, new ways of doing things. They follow guidance. They receive feedback.
● They think productively. They try to solve problems, and/or reach out for help.
● They are consistent. Finalists who make the most astounding transformations are simply the people who showed up and practiced their habits the most.

PMAG: As a current student in the PN Level 2 program, I can speak to the quality of PN as an organization. What are the company’s values and how do you contribute to the global community?

KSD: Our values:

● Deliver the feeling of personal. Clients should feel genuinely guided and cared for.
● Be excellent. Always be looking to provide the highest quality information and service.
● Be generous. Our Client Care team is explicitly instructed to be generous. Need a refund? OK, no hassles. Did you do something special? We’ll send you a little extra to say thanks.

We contribute most to the community by helping others help others, whether that’s training fitness professionals to be the best possible advocates and helpers for their clients, or “paying it forward” with initiatives like a PN scholarship or donations to Canada Food Centres.

PMAG: Finally, what is one piece of advice that you can give our readers so that they can begin to create positive changes in their health & wellness?

KSD: Just start.

One tiny action. Five minutes. One minute. Ten seconds (take a vitamin or drink a glass of water, or do both). Wherever you are, whatever is happening, wherever your starting point… just start.

Krista Scott-DixonKrista Scott-Dixon, PhD, is the Director of Curriculum at Precision Nutrition. She’s the creator of the PN Coaching Program (and its offshoot, ProCoach) and the PN Level 2 Master Class Certification. Previously, she was a researcher and teaching faculty member at York University in Toronto.