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Standing Your Ground, by Parvati Devi

Stand your ground. You may hear the phrase often. Sometimes it is expressed as encouragement to one who too readily gives in and passively allows others to have their way. Other times, you might speak of standing your ground when you feel shaken by adversity or attack. You may stand your ground to defend what feels like your own, to lay claim to territory and assert your sense of propriety. Yet, you live in an unconditionally loving universe. So what is a positive possibilities expression of standing your ground?

When we feel attacked, we tend to defend, because we feel attached to the idea of β€œmine”. Yet, the idea of β€œmine” only exists when you feel separate from the whole. I am not suggesting that you should not have healthy boundaries. On the contrary, it is only from the vantage point of a healthy sense of self that you can begin to feel the confidence to let go of the grip of your ego, the tendency of the mind to divide. Healthy self-esteem, self-love and self-confidence are not born out of feeling separate, but from a sense of your sacred place within the whole.

When you stand your ground, you are not asked to defend your sense of attacked self. In truth, there is no-thing to defend. When you truly stand your ground, you are rooted in the sacred. You are aware of the flow within the whole and the whole within the flow. You are rooted in your truth, and see your truth within the context of the situation. You are open to the wisdom of the whole that arises from within your gut, in your heart, in your being in each moment.

All that is exists because of grace. All that transpires and continues on does so because of grace. Your job is to stop trying to control and distort the moment to suit your ego. Instead, get out of your own way so that you may witness your interconnection within the divine play. In this, profound joy arises and you experience freedom beyond anything you could possibly conjure or buy.

Please join me in this issue’s meditation column. There we will explore this further through a guided practice on standing your ground, especially when feeling triggered or stressed.

Parvati is an award-winning musician (I Am Light, Electro Yog, Yoga In The Nightclub), yogini (YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine), author (Aonani of Avalon, Confessions from Your Awakened Self) and founder of the not-for-profit All her work is dedicated to protecting all life on Earth by establishing the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS).More info:;