Parvati Magazine February 2018 Fitness Marie Purvis

Realizing Your Goals With Community, with Marie Purvis

Marie Purvis is a Nike global master trainer and creator of PURE, which is an online experience that provides all the tools you need to achieve your health and wellness success. Parvati Magazine caught up with her to talk about fitness, community and her philosophy.

Pavarti Magazine: Your energy and love for fitness are contagious. Where do they come from?

Marie Purvis: I believe they come from a genuine place where I want to make a difference in the world through fitness. Iโ€™m extremely passionate about what I do so it never feels like a โ€œjobโ€. And I truly care about people and their wellbeing. I honestly feel the world needs more selfless people who care about others and do good things just because.

PMAG: Itโ€™s evident that you have a big influence in the lives of many people around the world. What role does community play in your philosophy?

MP: Community is the biggest part of my philosophy. I believe that having a group of people who get motivation and drive from the same beliefs can make or break someone’s journey to healthy living. Having a community that is authentic, and genuinely cares about your success, and failures, that can help support you when you need it and celebrate when you deserve it, is vital to life in general. We all need support from our people and want to feel like we are a part of something bigger than ourselves.

PMAG: When you work with your training clients, what is unique about your approach as a fitness coach?

MP: I believe that my approach is unique because I care about others, all my clients end up being my family that I look after and want the best for them. I also meet my clients where they are at and then help them get to wherever they want to go. I understand fully that life has complexities, ups and downs, that it’s not always easy and goes your way. Therefore the training programs I design for clients is personalized for them and what they need.

PMAG: Itโ€™s still early in 2018. What would you suggest to people who have made health and fitness goals for the New Year, but may be struggling to stay on track?

MP: This is something I get asked all the time, and I have a few steps that I think could potentially help.

1. Be realistic with yourself. Try hard to set goals that you can actually achieve.
2. Reward yourself for the small wins you get each day. This will add up to that one really big win youโ€™ve been working so hard for.
3. Write down your goals where you can see them every day. This will help remind yourself that you are worth the time and effort to better yourself.
4. Find your โ€œwhyโ€. Once you do, share it with others, repeat to yourself everyday. Knowing your why is very powerful and will help you stick to your goals.

PMAG: Whatโ€™s the one thing your clients ask you most often, and what do you tell them?

MP: This is hard because itโ€™s different for every client. But the most common question I get is, โ€œHow do I make this change with little to no time? My life is crazy busy and I do not have time to eat healthy and work out, so how do I reach my goals?โ€

I tell them that they have to find time. There is time, you just need to manage it. People manage their time everyday with work, kids, family, school, whatever takes up their day. Making fitness fun and enjoyable helps with this, big time. If you are skipping meals, prep over the weekend for the week ahead. If you skip workouts, find something you absolutely love doing and soon you will find yourself making time to get there. Fitness should not be something you do. It should be a part of who you are.


Marie Purvis-Nike Global Master TrainerMarie Purvis is a personal trainer who is extremely passionate about helping people on their wellness journey. Her work positively impacts peopleโ€™s lives all over the world, building confidence, strength and empowering others to live their best life. Through her PURE online experience, Marie supports you with all the tools you need to achieve success.