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Go Beyond The Ego and Step Into The Light, by Parvati Devi

Enlightenment is a part of everyone’s destiny. As you let go of your perceptions that tell you that you are separate, you come to experience that you, and everything within and around you, are one with infinite consciousness. Then, you realize your divine nature and are able to love and see all equally.

Often through a break of your ego’s grip due to the weight of your own suffering, you awaken to a life beyond the pain of a divided “me”. You realize that there is more to life than wanting for yourself. You experience deeper truths that lie beyond your limited personal perceptions.

As you question the nature of your mind and the authority of your ego, you go through subtler stages of awakening. You feel more connected to your soul essence and to life as a whole. You understand that your ego’s insatiable wanting only creates suffering for yourself and the world. You open to a lighter way.

As the ego dissolves, you no longer identify with a separate sense of “me”. There is no more lens through which you perceive a divided world. Experiencing unity with all that is, you effortlessly exist in each moment within an intelligent whole, of which you are an integral part.

Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, Amma, speaks of this state with first hand experience:

“As the realization that everything is pervaded with Divine Consciousness dawns within you, you also see that every human being, everything in creation, is already Divine. The only difference is that you know that you and they are one with Divinity, but they do not. It is only a question of uncovering the truth.”

Our state of unity already exists. But most of us do not see it because we are busy believing our thoughts. We are habituated, even addicted to identifying with our mind and to empowering our ego. It is as though we are focused on a cloud, thinking that it is the world. We miss the vastness of the sky and the infinite expanse of the universe.

As you look more closely at your thoughts and the grip of your ego, you see that they only exist because of the energy you give them. Most of what you think is created by your ego so you feel in control and important. But all thoughts are passing. They continue until you bump up against a moment of grace and notice, even for a split second, that what you think is neither fixed nor solid. Then, a whole new world opens before you.

When you look at the trajectory of your life and take stock of your past, you can see that your thoughts are in fact not reliable. For example, you may think with certainty that you will or will not get a job promotion, and get yourself worked up with excitement or foreboding. When you get what you want, you are happy. When you don’t, you are sad. Your mind is like a weathervane turning in the wind of your ever-changing thoughts.

If you remain open, you see that between your thoughts is a space, just like the pause that exists between each inhalation and exhalation. Meditation is a process of allowing yourself to settle into this space in between. I explore more of this in this month’s meditation article.

As you open to the field of possibility that lies as a substratum beyond your ego, you discover that the light of consciousness is all there is, and has been present for you all along. All that tries to convince you otherwise are simply distractions from this one eternal truth.

Parvati is an award-winning musician (I Am Light, Electro Yog, Yoga In The Nightclub), yogini (YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine), author (Aonani of Avalon, Confessions from Your Awakened Self) and founder of the not-for-profit Parvati.org. All her work is dedicated to protecting all life on Earth by establishing the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS).More info: parvati.tv; parvati.org.