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Yoga and the World Today

The following is an excerpt from Parvati’s anticipated book on her unique and transformative practice of yoga, “YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine”. YEM™ provides you with a means to reconnect with life force energy, yoga’s forgotten treasure, and cultivate radiant health on all levels. It masterfully blends classical yoga with chi-energy work to develop life-force awareness through each physical posture. Discover new focus and depth to abundantly increase the potency of your practice and realize your true magnificence.

The meaning of yoga as “union”, the weaving together of mind, body and spirit, is now a part of mainstream conversations. Yet have we ever truly related this to our lives? Do we understand how natural, how simple and how magnificent a gift it is to join mind, body and spirit together? Is it just a question of moving through physical postures, or reciting ancient verses, in order to become happy? Or must we study all the many branches of the ancient art of yoga, from chanting, prayer, scriptural study, divination and herbal medicine to astrology?

The common thread that abides through all these, and that gives us the means to unite body, mind and spirit with all things, is possibility. Open to possibility, and you can rest in the knowing of your inherent interconnection to this moment, that is perfect within the whole.

Beyond all formal practices, yoga is everywhere and everything. Yoga is in the impulse that arises to set this pen to paper. Yoga is in the witness that watches the pen move across the page. Yoga is in the release of all attachments to however you may perceive this book, for I have come to understand that yoga’s essence can never truly be understood. Yet, it can be lived by each one of us. It is a state of union, that is, a state of embodied beingness within the whole. Within this state, words often fall silent. Perhaps this is why the arts exist, to communicate that which is beyond. Certainly, this has been the fuel for my own creative work, and the spark to share this moment now here with you.

In its more pure essence, yoga is not even a practice. It is an experience, a garden within you that is being cultivated and that grows.

The World We Live In

To sense the subtlety of an inner garden may seem a tall order in our cacophonous and  dramatically changing world in need. We hear every day of disasters on a global scale: tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, political protests, global unrest, pollution, famine and disease. At a personal level, we deal with stress, illness, addiction and feeling disconnected from the people around us. Yet, amidst all the agitation, an insistent question continues within: Is there a better way?

Medicine’s role is to help us become more healthy and whole. When you are unwell, you seek medicine in order to feel better. Similarly, a medicine exists to resolve our current predicament, both personally and globally: yoga.

For most people in the Western world today, yoga is a series of bendy physical exercises that involve flexibility and perhaps some hints of Eastern spirituality, such as a statue of Shiva Nataraj (the cosmic dancer), incense or the chanting of Om (a sacred syllable that invokes the sound of the universe). It has become a lucrative industry and a trendy practice that is in many instances may be disconnected from its humble roots as a means for realizing our essential unity with all that is. When we set aside popular thoughts on yoga, we have the opportunity to enter the sacred garden within, and touch the heart of yoga as it truly is.

Through all forms of yoga, the potential for healing and union relates to the breath. The breath is involved in everything you do. It is the vehicle for your very life-force; it literally keeps you alive. At the same time, it runs through all living things. As such, it is sacred. It reminds you that you are not an isolated island, but interconnected with all. You are one of uncountable billions of living beings on the planet, all breathing the same air. Remembering this, you can live with greater awareness and responsibility. You also receive the vitality of being tapped into a collective whole that is so much bigger than the limited ego. Awareness of the life energy within your breath will bring you to rest in a field of profound unity with all that is. This unity is the true path to health, happiness and wholeness.

Parvati is an award-winning musician (I Am Light, Electro Yog, Yoga In The Nightclub), yogini (YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine), author (Aonani of Avalon, Confessions from Your Awakened Self) and founder of the not-for-profit All her work is dedicated to protecting all life on Earth by establishing the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS). More info: