The Trust Frequency

The Trust Frequency

“We are One and we live in the Now, in a conscious loving Universe where there is only Love. The unconditional nature of that Love means it gives us everything we ask for. […] The true, abundant, joyful nature of the Universe is available to anyone who chooses The Trust Frequency.” – Andrew Cameron Bailey and Connie Baxter Marlow

Parvati Magazine is dedicated to a healthy world. Every month, our all-volunteer production team brings high quality content for you to enjoy. Our hope is that you find something within these pages that sparks your soul, every month.

One of the tangible ways we focus our efforts is to ensure the swift realization of the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, the world’s largest marine protected area. By protecting our world’s air conditioning system, it keeps our planet cool. MAPS stops the unfolding humanitarian and ecological crisis of the melting polar ice, and brings the world together to affirm that the good of the whole outweighs any short-term individual gain.

Many of you have expressed your support of MAPS, whether through signatures on the petition or through personal messages to me and to our editorial staff. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! We are all in this together as one Earth family.

Our interconnection with each other and the world inspires us to serve and give voice to the wisdom of presence and consciousness. To this end, I am happy to let you know that we are introducing something new in this space, The Trust Frequency.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Andrew Cameron Bailey and Connie Baxter Marlow last December at a special Christmas gathering in Colorado. They are original thinkers, authors, filmmakers and social philosophers whose vision for the future of humanity is rooted in love. Their inspired work will help you trust that the universe supports your joy, that it is infinitely loving and reflects your truest magnificence.

When I first read their work, I was deeply moved by the awareness contained within their pages. I knew immediately that I wanted to share this with you.

Wonderfully, Andrew and Connie have agreed to contribute monthly jewels of practical experience, indigenous cosmology and quantum physics in this space, beginning in next month’s issue. I trust that their words will support you in making sense of the universe and how you fit in with it all. Please watch this space!

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From my heart to yours,