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Strength, Perseverance and Passion, with Chelsey Korus

Chelsey Korus, based in Boulder, Colorado, travels around the world sharing strength, love and resilience. Through movement, she guides people to tap into their inner power, face obstacles that arise, and overcome challenges. Yoga editor Ella Isakov speaks to Chelsey about yoga, staying AWAKE and creativity.

Parvati Magazine: You have a diverse movement background of yoga, martial arts and dance, and teaching yoga since the age of 15. What made you fall in love with yoga?

Chelsey Korus: Different from other movement practices, yoga was introduced to me as a way of life. [It’s] a way of looking at the world, a way of interacting, and a way of getting to know, and of returning to a wholeness within yourself.

PMAG: You are fearless in your practice and in your life. How do you spread this message of strength, perseverance and passion in your teachings?

CK: In each of us, we have a passionate, wild and fearless self, and yoga is a perfect playground to remember [the way] back to who you are. It’s going to put obstacles in your way, it’s going to give you new challenges, or it might show you that you are a lot stronger than you thought you were.

PMAG: You created “AWAKE with Chelsey” to help people rise up to the life they want to manifest. What are three main practices you share to help people take action and shine in their life?

CK: I would say there are three different ways of approaching:

The first approach is inward looking – into the soul. It’s taking a deep dive into who you are and what your authentic gifts are.

The second approach to action is – rising above. It’s being able to have those practices in your life that raise you above your situation and allow you to see with a bird’s eye view how everything is connected.

The final approach is – taking action. Using what you’ve learned from looking inward and rising above to knowing what your authentic gift is and setting an actionable goal [to] go out and fill this emptiness that you see in the world, with what only you can fill.

PMAG: How can yoga reawaken us to our environment and the need to change our ways to protect the Earth?

CK: Yoga is the practice that you return to, to wake you up, to refocus your eyes onto what is really in front of you. So that when you go out and you surround yourself in nature, you have eyes to see what’s [there]. What do you love? What calls to you? And then you go there, and you fall deeper in love with this place.

PMAG: How do you stay in touch with your strong creative spark in your practice and teaching?

CK: When I’m quiet and listening… there is a question that gets planted in that solitude and that’s what sparks the creativity.

Chelsey Korus’s teaching and movement philosophy comes from her passion for life and the inspiration she finds from nature. She approaches life through the lens of constant learning and loves to share the wisdom she’s gathered along her journey in hopes of helping others become AWAKE; to be aware and present in their own lives.