I Love You Pass It On: Make Kindness Your Business

Shawn Jason is being the only person he knows how to be and keeps finding new ways to share love with the world. Parvati Magazine had the pleasure of connecting with him to learn more about his new business, ILOVEYOUPASSITON, which sells gear with a positive attitude – t-shirts, hoodies, stickers and cards saying “I Love You, Pass It On” – to to spread love around the globe while raising funds to help the homeless and hungry.

Parvati Magazine: Is ILOVEYOUPASSITON your main income or a side gig? How did it come to be?

Shawn Jason: ILOVEYOUPASSITON is a side gig for now, though I see it soon growing into being my full time project. Until then I work part-time with some friends doing home renovations.

This is not my first project to help spread more love. I’ve organized a number of other projects and events in the last ten years to help make the world a better place. I wish for this kind of work to become my full-time gig because it is far more soul-soothing than renovating people’s homes.

PMAG: Do you have a favorite story to share about the impact sharing ILOVEYOUPASSITON has had on someone’s life?

SJ: Oh, there are so many stories, but one comes to mind from an event where we took big brown bags full of fresh fruits and veggies out to the homeless on the streets. Our crew approached an older gentleman sitting on the sidewalk, leaning against a building. He looked so sad and forlorn.

We offered him one of the bags of food which he slowly reached up to receive. He unrolled the bag, looked inside, looked up at us, and as tears began to fall from his eyes and into his bushy facial hair he said with such gratitude, “Thank you. This is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.”

A touching moment indeed, but also rather troubling. A man on the streets at his age, and a $20 bag of fresh fruits and veggies was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for him? That makes me tear up a little.

PMAG: What is the Good Deeds Fund and how has it grown and changed over the years?

SJ: The Good Deeds Fund is relatively new. I started that when I began building ILOVEYOUPASSITON. It is primarily funded by the sales of our shirts and hoodies, but sometimes people also make donations to it in order to help us help more who are homeless, hungry or less fortunate.

So far this fund has helped 100’s of people, both here at home in Toronto and around the world too. And it’s only just begun!

PMAG: What is your vision for ILOVEYOUPASSITON Ambassadors?

SJ: Pretty much just as it sounds, our Love Ambassador kits are intended to make it easier for people to spread love and kindness in their own local communities.

The items offered on the website are simply tools. It’s people who spread love, and I wish for ILOVEYOUPASSITON to inspire the world into being more peaceful and loving.

PMAG: The Love Epidemic Map on your website showing countries all over the world you have sent Love Cards and Love Ambassador Kits to is impressive. How do you manage to offer free shipping anywhere in the world?

SJ: Right? It’s so exciting to watch the hearts on that map spread around the world! I really love it a lot.

The love cards are not intended to be a moneymaker so I sell them as cheaply as I can. By offering free shipping I feel that helps make it more fair for anyone to order these cards to anywhere in the world without concern about shipping costs.

PMAG: What’s in the future for ILOVEYOUPASSITON?

SJ: The future of ILOVEYOUPASSITON is very open to many possibilities. Ultimately I hope that a project like this will eventually be unnecessary, for I wish to see a world where love is freely shared and a world where nobody is homeless and hungry. Some say I’m a dreamer and I don’t deny it. I also know with enough focus and determination, dreams can come true. We’ll see what happens. In the meantime I’ll keep growing ILOVEYOUPASSITON as best as I can to touch as many lives as possible and help as many homeless as possible.

Shawn Jason - share loveShawn Jason, founder of ILOVEYOUPASSITON, was born in a small town in Ontario, Canada, and is now living in Toronto. Shawn is a lover, a hippie, an activist and a lightworker as well as a carpenter and an entrepreneur with big visions of helping the world become a more peaceful and loving place for all. You can join in sharing love on Facebook and Instagram.