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How to Live True to Your Being, with Kia Miller

Kia Miller is a yoga teacher, model and filmmaker who is passionate about the science and spirituality of yoga. In her Yogaglo practices, her calm, wise and intuitive sense is evident almost instantly, as is her authentic presence. Yoga editor Ella Isakov speaks to Kia about yoga, wellness and how to maintain the essence of your being in midst of everyday life.

Parvati Magazine: You have been practicing yoga since you were 15 years old, and are influenced by Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Kundalini styles of yoga. How has yoga influenced your life?

Kia Miller: Yoga has informed my life on every level. The physical practice has allowed me to feel strong and comfortable in my body. The breath work has helped me to manage my energy and emotions. Through meditation, I have gained insights into myself that have positively influenced my relationship to myself, loved ones, and all around me. My life is yoga!

PMAG: These days there is a lot of agitation in the world. What three pieces of advice do you have for people to stay present with their values amid the hustle?

KM: One: Learn to connect in to the “voice of your conscience”—it is communicating all the time, but often we do not listen.

Two: Be willing to look at your resistance to what you know is the right thing to do. Practice rigorous self-honesty; this is how you start to unhook from unconscious behavior and take full responsibility for your life.

Three: Practice and meditate daily. This way you will get in the habit of self-reflecting and self-correcting. There is no substitute for daily practice!

PMAG: Your “Radiant Body Training” is rooted in Kundalini Yoga. How does Kundalini yoga help people stay connected to their true nature?

KM: The practices of Kundalini Yoga are designed to help us to move through physical, energetic and mental blocks. I have found no better practice for dissolving all that holds us back. I am in awe of the healing and transformation possible through these teachings. The combination of kriya, breath work and mantra can cut through the hypnotic hold of our unconscious mind and emotions. The clarity that we can arrive to in just a short kriya is not to be underestimated.

PMAG: You have created a special cleanse program that, along with a regular yoga practice, can re-energize the body and add to mental clarity in everyday life. What is the biggest impact that nutrition along with yoga can have on your life and the choices you make?

KM: We are what we eat, how we eat and when we eat! So many of us are compromising our health and wellbeing by eating unconsciously and relying on processed foods, sugar and caffeine. What we eat not only affects our body and energy, but also the kind of thoughts and emotions that we experience. I highly recommend that everyone cleanse once or twice a year. Eat just fruits and veggies for a couple of weeks. Allow the body to detox and true clarity to return. In the cleanses I lead, I offer specific kriyas that promote detoxification of certain organs and that raise the frequency of your energy. I have countless testimonials of people who have turned their life around through changing their diet and practicing yoga daily.

PMAG: What does living true to your being look like to you?

KM: Living true is being in right relationship with yourself, with others, with nature and Creative Source/God/Higher Power. Put more practically, this is being willing to face life on life’s terms, embrace challenge, have the difficult conversations when needed, speak up when it is necessary, and most of all, have compassion for all of your and others’ imperfections!

Kia Miller is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher. She is the founder of Radiant Body Yoga, a holistic approach that honors the healing and transformational potential within yoga. Kia views the science and spirituality of yoga as a pathway to experiencing peak performance and greater awareness. Kia leads workshops, retreats and teacher trainings throughout the world