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Look Gorgeous with High-Performing Cosmetics Made from Fruit

This month Parvati Magazine spoke to Susie Wang, the founder and chief creative of 100% Pure. After disappointing experiences developing high-end mainstream cosmetics, she created 100% Pure in 2005: products with organic and natural ingredients, void of toxins and chemicals.

Parvati Magazine: 100% Pure carries a large and comprehensive range of natural beauty products in makeup, body, hair and face care, with a strong following on social media. What do you attribute your success to?

Susie Wang: To start, we were the first company to develop healthy, natural beauty products (outside of health food stores) that focused on efficacious, high-performing formulas. I was the first person to make entirely natural products that sold in Sephora, Nordstrom, Bath & Body Works, QVC, etc. Secondly, 100% Pure products are truly amazingโ€”the proof is in our ingredients. Not only are there no toxic, harmful ingredients, but the formulas aren’t watered down with cheap fillers. Every single ingredient in our fruit pigmented color cosmetic and skincare lines is healthy and beneficial for your skin.

PMAG: Fruit pigments are incorporated into your products and add luscious color to your makeup line. What are some of your favourites for spring and what can we look forward to in the summer?

SW: 100% Pure was the first to launch a “naked” palette or anything “naked” for that matter. We were the first to use the word “naked” in cosmetics. Our newest Better Naked Palette, which just launched in March, is amazing. Every single color is gorgeous and it has the most incredible luminizer that everyone’s been lusting over. Our newest lipstick shade, Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick in Protea, is a vibrant fuchsia red. I’m also looking forward to the launch of our Tomato Lycopene SPF 20 Moisturizer, which not only protects against the sun’s UVA / UVB rays, but the Lycopene protects against environmental damage such as radiation, smog, pollution, smoke, etc.

PMAG: Your Kelp & Mint Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner are among your bestsellers. What makes them a customer favourite?

SW: The Kelp & Mint Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner are the most popular in the hair care category specifically. There are two ways to thicken hair: create volume in between the hair; or plump each strand. The seaweed collagen within our formula gets easily soaked up by the hair shaft and deeply hydrates, strengthens and plumps each strand of hair. When hair is hydrated, it naturally gets thicker, stronger and healthier. Think of dried spaghettiโ€ฆ once it’s hydrated with water, the spaghetti is plumper, more nimble and harder to break compared with breaking dried spaghetti; it’s the same with dehydrated hair. It’s easier to tear/break off.

PMAG: I am curious to know more about your new foundations – the 2nd Skin Foundation with a built in serum and the Fruit Pigmented Healthy Foundation. What is the difference between them and what skin types do they suit?

SW: The 2nd Skin Foundation formula is a satin finish, medium coverage makeup that is very thin and feels weightless. The base of it is olive squalene, which is a lightweight, moisturizing skin conditioner. The Fruit Pigmented Healthy Foundation is a matte finish, full coverage makeup. Both are colored from fruit pigments.

PMAG: In addition to fruit pigments, your natural ingredients include vitamins, plants and oils. How much do you use organic sources for these items?

SW: Many of our formulas are USDA certified organic, which means they are 95% organic.

PMAG: Tell us about some of your sustainable production processes and why they set you apart.

SW: Our sustainable practices are something that we value across everything that we do at 100% Pure. Not only do we create biodegradable formulas, but we also use recycled and recyclable packaging, biodegradable packing material from corn starch and non-toxic and soy inks for printing. The 100% Pure headquarters, which sit on eight acres, is also completely powered by solar energy. We even use the condensation collected from our roof to water our plants.

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Susie Wang is the Founder and Chief Creative of 100% Pure, a 100 percent natural skin care line. Launched in Bath & Body Works in 2005, 100% Pure has over 500 products and operates out of a solar-powered headquarters in San Jose, California called โ€˜Purity Parkโ€™.