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Meet World Pulse Founder, the Unstoppable Jensine Larsen

Image credit: Darcy Kiefel

Jensine (Yen-See-Nah) Larsen is an international journalist who took her passion for sharing women’s stories and developed a collaborative network of women leaders called World Pulse. We sat down with her to find out how it all happened.

Parvati Magazine: How did a 19-year-old girl from rural Wisconsin get a job as an international journalist in the Amazon and Burma?

Jensine Larsen: I created my own dream job, which seems to be the story of my life. I had no formal training in journalism. I became a freelance journalist because I was heeding a call from the women I met through my travels. I just started writing down their stories and then finding media outlets that would publish my articles. I worked various jobs and saved money to fund my own travel. As soon as I held the pad of paper in my hands and sat listening to the women’s visions I was enraptured. I knew I would do everything in my power to have these stories reach wider audiences.

PMAG: What is World Pulse and how did it come about?

JL: World Pulse is the only online community designed to connect women worldwide to save humanity. Our social network is connecting 60,000 women and girls from 190 countries who are logging on, speaking out and connecting to impact more than seven million lives through their expanded movements, businesses, and programs for social change. The name World Pulse symbolizes the electric pulse of women’s voices rising across the Earth.

When I saw the vision of a vast, pulsing communication network between women globally that would heal the Earth, I was very scared to start but I couldn’t stop the vision. The dream has grown more interesting and more powerful. I am humbled by the cascading inner and outer transformation that women have shared with me as a result of those first steps.

After listening to women’s voices from all corners of the world over the past decade, I believe that the creative potential of young girls and women is the greatest untapped resource on Earth and we can use the power of technology to truly connect and unleash this.

PMAG: Why do you think that women telling their stories online is so powerful?

JL: The reality is that there is nowhere in the world where women have equal voice. Speaking out for women is a radical act. Time and time again we’re seeing one woman speak out and her voice sets off a chain reaction of media coverage, funding support, or support from colleagues that results in movements that are ending breast ironing in cameroon, policy change for indigenous rights in the Philippines, educating thousands of girls in Pakistan, or eradicating the stigma of menstruation across India.

I think the most important component of what we’re seeing is the sense of “I am not alone, and there’s a community of women out there that can support me.” There’s incredible strength in not feeling isolated.

PMAG: How is this work helping the planet as well as women?

JL: Women are leading the charge for climate change through adaptation and resilience in their communities. They are the primary stewards of land, water, and forests globally and they hold solutions to restore ecosystems and mobilize their communities.

PMAG: What is your dream for World Pulse in the next five years?

JL: Our goal is to grow the pulse to connect and strengthen half a million women leaders who go on to mobilize a billion more in all corners of the world.

If we do this well, women’s voices will come out of the shadows, and they will drive development and destinies. Women will become a united and political economic force that will hold corporations accountable, overturn dictatorships, improve the lives of men and boys, and create a culture shift that values life over profit and destruction, and that will shift the world and empower us all.

PMAG: What message do you have for women reading this?

JL: There is a massive wellspring of feminine intelligence that has been suppressed for centuries. We can use technology for good. We can use it to connect to our sisters at a click of a button, build real relationships, and mobilize. We can use it to heal. What matters is that we use technology in a sacred way. We have the power to transform our mobile phones from devices of distraction to purposeful portals of change.

I invite everyone to visit, browse stories and listen, leave encouraging comments, make connections, and stand in solidarity with our global sisterhood.


Digital entrepreneur, international journalist, and speaker Jensine Larsen is the founder of World Pulse, a global digital network connecting tens of thousands of women from 190 countries. World Pulse women leaders are building movements, launching businesses and changing harmful cultural practices, to benefit over 2.9 million lives.