The Trust Frequency

The Third Assumption of the Trust Frequency: How to Direct Your Consciousness to Shape Your Reality

Current Assumption
Consciousness has nothing to do with reality. Reality is something external, something that happens to us. It was fixed in place long ago by forces beyond our control.

The First and Second Assumptions proposed that the only thing that exists is Love.
We live in a conscious loving Universe. We explained the unconditional nature of the Love that drives all things and gives us everything we ask for. This month we reveal the mechanics, the physics, behind the creation of the reality each of us experiences.

What exactly is consciousness? That question has challenged scientists and philosophers from time immemorial. There are two fundamental types of consciousness that concern us here: universal consciousness and human consciousness. The former is the invisible, all-pervading primordial life-energy of the Universe. Human consciousness is the individual spark of the Universe which each of us experiences through our bodies, brains and minds. At the highest level there is only one undifferentiated consciousness, but we humans experience our individual realities through the filters of our minds and the contents thereof—namely our assumptions, beliefs, opinions and subsequent actions.

The boundless diversity of existence is the ever-unfolding Universe coming to understand and experience itself and its unlimited potential for creative expression. The Universe explores its expressive capability by creating powerful, visionary creatures such as ourselves, each with a gift and a purpose on our soul’s journey to wholeness, and then setting us free. We are the roving sensory organs of this consciousness.

The Universe manifests as an unlimited number of possible vibratory realities, each with its own distinct laws, each vibrating within its own distinct frequency spectrum. The inhabitants of one reality may be quite unaware of the inhabitants of another. The appearance that all of us share a pretty consistent world is because the “human reality show” is attuned to a particular set of frequencies. At some level, we, or the subatomic information/Love we are composed of, have made an agreement to appear in this form, at least for the time being.

As we said last month, the loving Universe is completely neutral as it fulfills our requests. Its Love is unconditional. The Universe reads the emotional or vibratory message we send it, and responds accordingly, just as the printer attached to our laptop prints out precisely what we tell it to, once we hit the “print” button. The printer makes no judgment as to content. It simply follows our instructions.

Consciously or not, we choose our frequency each moment of each day. We radiate the vibratory message, act accordingly, and BAM! Here we are in the reality of our choosing. We just don’t understand the complex nature of our “requests,” from the overarching choice to incarnate on our soul’s journey, to our minute-by-minute decisions as to where we direct our consciousness. If the various aspects of our consciousness are enmeshed in scarcity, fear and separation, we create precisely those things in our lives.

Once our deepest assumptions about ourselves, about the world, about our bodies, about our species, about the Universe, come from a higher vibratory frequency, once we accept the fact that we are fundamentally good, that we are Love, that we are loved, and that the Universe is a supportive, abundant place, we effortlessly enter a higher frequency where peace, prosperity, serenity, generosity and joy are givens – beyond anything we can fathom in the current frequency. We contribute to the creation of a peaceful, joyful, abundant world for those around us, as our frequency influences their consciousness and the collective.

Put another way, it is our state of consciousness (as manifested through our thoughts and actions) that does the creating, by determining our frequency, and by delivering our creative requests to a receptive and unconditionally loving Universe. When we understand that our consciousness has multiple aspects, and that our soul gave permission to the conscious loving Universe to take us on our journey to wholeness, our alignment with our divine nature, we enter a state of acceptance, of knowing “it’s all good.” A positive mind-set sees positive outcomes because it understands how the Universe works. Everything happens for us, not to us. That is the way it works. It’s the law. The loving Universe simply responds to the hidden contents of our minds, our consciousness.

We’ll be back next month with the Seven “A’s,” an evolutionary toolbox that points out the seven aspects of our consciousness which determine our frequency and thereby our reality.

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Trust Frequency - Connie Baxter& Andrew Cameron Bailey

Connie Baxter Marlow and Andrew Cameron Bailey are visionaries and filmmakers whose explorations into the essence of Reality have led to a unique articulation of the nature of the Universe and humanity’s place in it. This worldview is informed by indigenous cosmology, quantum science, Eastern and Western mysticism and plain common sense. They are authors of “The Trust Frequency: Ten Assumptions for a New Paradigm”. Learn more at The Trust Frequency.