purvi doshi

This Fashion Line Benefits People and the Planet

At Purvi Doshi, social responsibility and eco-consciousness are not merely embraced, but woven into each creation. With each handcrafted piece, Purvi seeks to eliminate the discrepancy between fashion and ethics, and fosters opportunities for artisans. This month Purvi Doshi takes Parvati Magazine on a journey through her labelโ€™s sustainable practices and how they align with her ethos of living in harmony with the earth.

Parvati Magazine: Describe the look and style of Purvi Doshi.

Purvi Doshi: Contemporary yet classy and artful. Traditional yet classic, timeless fashion. Formal to casualโ€”conscious luxury. Comfortable yet stylish.

PMAG: One of your primary fabrics, Khadi, is a cotton blend. Can you tell me more about that? Are all your fabrics organic?

PD: Khadi is a fabric which is completely handmade; itโ€™s handspun and handwoven natural fibre. Our main reason behind the thought of using khadi was to promote our own weavers and make khadi glamorous, by giving it global reach. Not all our fabrics are organic, but we also work on Ahimsa silk, which is cruelty free, as its process does not involve killing silkworms. We have also developed a range of Kala cotton (organic cotton)โ€”one of the species of pure old world cotton.

PMAG: Tell us about the people who produce your clothes.

PD: The label works with delightful imperfections of handwoven fabric, the beauty of natural colours, with subtle flaws, and the warmth of human hands. Each and every garment designed at our studio bears the footprint of our vision and the intricate skill and dedication of our artisans and craftspeople. From the weavers to the natural colour dyers to the hand embroidery artisans, to [the people] stitching it into a garment, every artist is a part of our family. Our label has been working with various hand embroidery arts like aari, mirror, parsi and so on. We have three hundred craftsmen and women working with us creating beautiful, timeless, and artful pieces for the label.

PMAG: What does sustainability mean to you?

PD: Sustainability, many a time, is merely a word. But we live it through our choice of fabric, natural colors, and care for the animals and people. We believe that sustainability is not just a word; itโ€™s how we design, define, create and live. We believe in creating beautiful todays for our traditions, the planet and the future.

PMAG: What does the future look like for Purvi Doshi? Have you ever thought about branching out internationally?

PD: The brand has an enormous amount of talent and potential. We aim to branch the label and the philosophy of ecologically sustainable, and cruelty free, high fashion clothing globally. We also aim at having a better livelihood for all the artisans, and allowing them to sustain their lives, by giving them more and more employment.

Since 1992, Purvi Doshi has created clothing using handwoven textiles, natural, organic color- free from harmful materials. Stemming from a life and culture that believes in Ahimsa (non-violence) and compassion for all beings, Purvi believes in hand-crafted, environmentally responsible, cruelty-free fashion. Her sustainable Khadi collection was previously showcased at NYFW.