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The Fifth Assumption of the Trust Frequency: Free Will Is An Absolute Law Of The Universe

Every human being longs for freedom. We are all familiar with the deep desire for self-determination, but how many of us realize that we are already free? We are born free. We came to this life by the exercise of free choice. It is only our deeply ingrained, culturally imposed assumptions to the contrary that makes us imagine otherwise. Free will is one of the basic laws of human existence, despite the fact that most of us have allowed ourselves to compromise our freedom to those who see themselves as more powerful or more important than we are.

We learned in The Third Assumption that we create the reality of our lives by the power of our consciousness. Consequently we have the freedom, the ability, and the inalienable right to consciously choose our frequency, to attune ourselves to whatever reality we desire, from the lowest “Hell” to the highest “Heaven.” It is up to us. We are the masters of our own destiny.

Humans were created, however that process took place, and set free to create whatever world we choose, with no restrictions whatsoever. Free will also includes the right not to align with one’s inner promptings. We are free to defer progress on our destiny path, free to remain in the lower vibratory realms as long as we choose, and free to ignore the intuitions of our higher selves, but why would we do that, knowing what we have learned in this series? How many of us recognize the fact that each and every aspect of our lives is the direct result of the countless free-will personal choices we have made?

Even the most conformist of us has made a conscious choice to conform. In so doing did we listen deeply to our own hearts? Did our parents or our teachers listen to us when we tried to tell them our truth? Probably not. At every step we were presented with a choice. We made a decision, for better or worse, based on our fundamental assumptions about the nature of the Universe, and what we thought would be best for us and those we cared about. Each decision led to the next, we acted accordingly, and here we are. Think about it. We created our own reality, consciously or not, with every breath we took.

What is humanity, ultimately? Let us revisit a very important definition, one that we asked you to take as absolutely true. Let us remember the overarching act of free will that brought us here in the first place.


A collection of divine autonomous sovereign beings who
CHOSE to incarnate on Earth, each with a purpose and a gift,
to learn and grow on their soul’s journey to wholeness.

Before we incarnated, we each made an agreement, a conscious choice, a fundamental, overarching act of free will. That choice overrides all the other choices, goals, and assumptions adopted by us and our parents, peers and society. By definition, then, if everything that unfolds in our life is a result of our free choice, there can be no such thing as a victim, or a perpetrator for that matter. Can there? We are presented with precisely the life experiences we agreed to, before we ever came here. Everything happens for us, not to us! This is a very liberating perspective, especially for those of us who have suffered or witnessed extreme abuse. As challenging as it may seem, we must be grateful to our “perpetrators,” who are actually obliging our souls. At the highest spiritual level, we attracted them to serve on our journey. By truly understanding and accepting the fact that we create our own reality, we are required to take responsibility for the events in our lives. Difficult as this is, for those overwhelmed by the compelling apparent reality of the lower frequencies, acceptance of the unconditionally loving nature of the Universe inevitably results in emotional healing, individually and collectively. Everything, absolutely everything, serves the coming of peace and freedom on this planet. There is nothing but Love, no matter what it might look like on the surface. We are free!

We’ll be back next month with The Sixth Assumption: Circumstance Guides Us On Our Journey To Wholeness.

Meanwhile – Trust the Loving Universe!

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Connie Baxter Marlow and Andrew Cameron Bailey are visionaries and filmmakers whose explorations into the essence of Reality have led to a unique articulation of the nature of the Universe and humanity’s place in it. This worldview is informed by indigenous cosmology, quantum science, Eastern and Western mysticism and plain common sense. They are authors of “The Trust Frequency: Ten Assumptions for a New Paradigm”. Learn more at The Trust Frequency.