Discover the “Grace Mindset” to Heal Your Life and the World

Welcome to the first in a mini-series on “The Grace Mindset”, Parvati’s transformative upcoming book on the healing process. To step into “The Grace Mindset” is to connect with the true source of healing—for you and the world. It brings life-changing clarity to common blocks and obstacles to healing, such as the idea that healing happens “to” you or that adversity is a punishment. With practical guidance you can apply right away, Parvati empowers you to live your greatest health on all levels. You can be inspired by true stories of people transformed by the Grace Mindset, as well as Parvati’s miraculous recovery from devastating events including a paralyzing spinal injury. You will refer to this book again and again to remind yourself that healing is effortless and there is no limit to grace.

This month, as part of Yogis Unite, we share with you an introduction to the Grace Mindset and the power of mind.

What is the mind, and why is it so key to healing?

Scientists have tried for decades to define the mind as the simple product of brain activity: the neurons fire, and so you think. But today, psychologists, neurologists, and meditators alike affirm that the mind must be far more than the workings of the brain. It is not physical, and not limited in location or activity.

For the purposes of this book, we can think of the mind as that which identifies as separate and in control. It is that which divides. The mind is the fluctuation of thought, the containment of perception.

Some spiritual traditions consider the existence of Mind, with a capital M, as pure awareness, free from all emotion and subjective thoughts, which are products of conditioning. The true nature of Mind is luminous and clear, able to witness all things, even the end of the body.

Even though your mind is not limited to your body, it still interconnects and interrelates with it. Your mind is within the greater Mind. As such, it has tremendous power to shape your body’s well-being—so much so that without the consent of your mind, your body may not heal.

What mindsets support healing?

I have come to see, in my own journey and in the journeys of clients, how three mindsets in particular are foundational to healing. These Grace Mindsets are non-resistance, gratitude, and humility.

All three involve coming closer to the true nature of Mind. This requires a surrender of the conditioned ego-mind, the small self. But the ego seeks perpetuation, so it resists the Grace Mindsets. It will try to portray them as unfair, frightening, or ineffective. Be on the lookout for this reaction in your mind. Do not allow it to shortchange you from the magnitude of healing—it is your birthright to access.

Each Grace Mindset is associated with a Block and an Obstacle.

The Block is the negation of the Grace Mindset. It is the ego’s refusal of, or attempt to control the Grace Mindset. In the Block, the ego is in absolute denial of the Grace Mindset, insisting it does not exist.

The Obstacle is the ego’s covert attempt to manipulate and color a situation to fool you into believing that you are in the Grace Mindset when you are not. When you engage in the Obstacle, you become caught up in an internal negotiation, like going round and round in an eddy, creating confusion and complication.

The effect of the Blocks is obvious. They are rooted in unwillingness and block you from healing. The Obstacles do the same, but less overtly. Remember that, while your ego talks on and on, trying to convince you it is an authoritative voice on reality, it has absolutely no power to heal you. So pay it no mind. Listen to your deeper knowing.

As you step into the three Grace Mindsets of non-resistance, gratitude, and humility, you connect with the voice of your soul and open yourself to guidance that brings you safely past the Blocks and Obstacles to a life of wholeness.

Parvati is an award-winning musician (“I Am Light”, “Electro Yog”, “Yoga In The Nightclub”), yogini (YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine), author (“The Grace Mindset”, “Aonani of Avalon”, “The Three Supreme Secrets for Lasting Happiness”) and founder of the not-for-profit All her work is dedicated to protecting all life on Earth by establishing the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS). More info: