How to Make Favourite Foods Healthy with Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

Since experiencing the healing powers of food, Lexi Davidson has been on a mission to create unique recipes that transcend dietary labels and help others tackle their own health hurdles. Through Lexi’s Clean Kitchen blog and cookbook, she develops approachable recipes free from common allergens and negative health instigators, while still delivering the taste and gratification people crave. Discover this month what inspires Lexi’s creations, as she speaks to Parvati Magazine about her food-filled travel experiences, and why she transformed her diet and lifestyle to heal her gut.

Parvati Magazine: You have a passion for creating clean and nourishing variations of “indulgence” foods. The result is recipes that are quick and approachable, yet unique and appealing! How do you choose and develop the recipes you share?

Lexi Davidson: This is a great question! For one, we look to our readers. We are constantly asking them what they want! We also get inspiration from travel, magazines, dining out, thinking back to childhood favorites, and so much more.

Parvati Magazine: You’re an avid traveller! Do you notice differences in the approach to healthy, clean eating and nutrition in your hometown vs. other areas of the world?

Lexi Davidson: Oh yeah! It’s so interesting, especially when traveling abroad. I always try to do at least one culinary experience while traveling, like a cooking class or a food excursion, and often you hear how little processed foods go into what they create! Much more fresh, local, good quality ingredients – even if the cost is higher.

Healthy recipes to please mainstream palates

Parvati Magazine: What are some of your favorite recipes to serve to friends and family who may not share your adoration for “healthy” eating?

Lexi Davidson: Oh man, that’s a hard one! My pancakes are always a hit, even with those who don’t necessarily eat super clean. You also can’t go wrong with soups, especially in the cooler months, and I have so many [soup recipes]. Lastly, taco night! It’s always a hit, and everybody loves my taco meat recipe!

Parvati Magazine: In the five years you’ve been active with Lexi’s Clean Kitchen, how do you feel the clean eating and food blogging world has evolved? What do you think will be the next major shift?

Lexi Davidson: More and more, people are reading labels and caring what is in their food, and becoming more educated. With that has come a major shift with more brands developing products that align with that! Which is amazing to watch.

Food blogging has evolved so much, of course. Video is huge now, and I think that’s here to stay!

Making changes to support gut health

Parvati Magazine: You share how problems with your gut health compelled you to shift your diet and lifestyle. Was it a difficult transition in the beginning? What advice would you give to people facing similar challenges?

Lexi Davidson: It was difficult at first, but when you start feeling so much better, it’s fairly easy to want to keep feeling that way. I would suggest really prepping and doing some meal planning, even though it might take a bit of time. [That] along with cleaning out the pantry and restocking it with gut-friendly foods is definitely helpful!

Alexis Davidson is the voice behind Lexi’s Clean Kitchen — a go-to food blog, and cookbook, for clean, delicious recipes, proving healthy living can be simple, fun, and satisfying. With a practical approach to clean-eating that won’t deprive you of your favorite foods, she inspires readers to get creative, cooking delectable meals satisfying every palate and craving.