The Seventh Assumption of the Trust Frequency: There Is Only NOW, This Precious Present Moment

The Trust Frequency teaches the importance of being present. Trust your “intuitive mind”, as there is only Now.

Current Assumption:
The past and the future are more important than the present. It is irresponsible not to learn from the past and to plan for the future.

For many of us, most of our waking thoughts are taken up with regrets, memories and nostalgia about the past, or fears, hopes and plans for the future. We rarely put our full attention on the present moment. We’re too busy to sit around meditating. We don’t have time, or at least that is how it seems in our frenzied, stressful lives, but let’s stop for a second and ask ourselves: What is time, in reality?

The mystics tell us: “Time is just an illusion.” Non-industrial cultures operate on “Indian time” or “African time” which seems to be very different and less stressful than that experienced by the city dwellers in the so-called developed nations. Time, according to Einstein, is the 4th dimension, which along with the three dimensions of space, creates the space-time continuum we experience as the reality of our everyday lives. How can time be an illusion, if it’s such an essential part of reality?

Let us stop together, step out of time, and check into this present moment, right here, right now. Just for a minute. A timeless minute. Slow down. Stop everything. Breathe deeply, gently, and contemplate nothing but the Now. Feel the air. Listen to the wind. Don’t allow any thought of past or future or anything else to intervene. What do you see? What do you feel? What is going on, right here and right now?

If we maintain our trust in the loving Universe, trusting in the unknown, living in the present moment and putting one foot in front of the other, we find that somehow everything works out. We remember where we are – at the very center of the conscious, loving Universe. We listen carefully in the silence, pay close attention, and act on what we hear.

Be brave and commit to action

Life in the Trust Frequency is about bold, committed action, oftentimes going where the brave dare not go. Our actions may make no logical sense when viewed from the lower frequencies. Our friends and family may think we’ve flipped, that we’ve gone out of our minds. And, of course, we have gone out of our minds, our conditioned minds. We have consciously chosen to walk away from the old, rigid belief system that kept us stuck in the fear-and-time-based paradigm. It takes courage to launch oneself into the unknown, into the unknowable, to truly trust in Spirit’s timing, but there is no alternative if we are to evolve.

In fact, the Now is the gateway to the Trust Frequency, to Heaven-on-Earth, to Nirvana. The vibratory state of fear, blame, guilt, shame, worry, and anxiety, the emotions that are inevitable and automatic outcomes of the compelling concept of linear time and a doubt-based worldview, place us firmly in the lower frequencies. It’s just that simple. Such things do not and cannot exist in the present moment, if we are truly here and now.

Trust in a conscious, loving universe

It is time to let go of old ways of thinking and get our conditioned minds out of the way, trust, relax, let go, and allow the innate intelligence of the loving Universe to unfold through us. It is precisely that unconditional trust that ensures that the future will be infinitely better than it would have been if the status quo had continued. Our challenge is to face our doubts and fears, move through them, and emerge on the other side. There is no other option. We burst through the door into the promised land.

We can’t, however, get there in the current left-brain mental construct we call the “memory mind,” where the accumulation of everything in our life’s experience is somehow stored in our individual brain, separate from everyone else’s. As the evolutionary shift unfolds, we are moving into a new way of being that allows us to live more and more in the present moment, in complete trust, with “effortless effort.” The boundaries have dissolved, and we operate from the “intuitive mind” where all information is available as part of the Akashic Field. Our memories of the past and our anxieties about the future melt away into a timeless oneness, a presence, a luminous state, a here-and-now awareness, from which we choose to take action spontaneously, aligning with our highest purpose, playing our part in the symphony of life.

There is no such thing as wasted time. Everything in our lives has served to prepare us for bringing our unique gift. There are no mistakes, no wrong choices. There is only Now. There is only Love. We are not separate. We are One, right here, right now.

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Connie Baxter Marlow and Andrew Cameron Bailey are visionaries and filmmakers whose explorations into the essence of Reality have led to a unique articulation of the nature of the Universe and humanity’s place in it. This worldview is informed by indigenous cosmology, quantum science, Eastern and Western mysticism and plain common sense. They are authors of “The Trust Frequency: Ten Assumptions for a New Paradigm”. Learn more at The Trust Frequency.