Why is Josh Rosebrook’s Organic Skincare So Popular?

An interview with the founder of this eco-beauty brand

It’s not hard to see why stars like Alicia Silverstone and Olivia Wilde have fallen for Josh Rosebrook’s luxuriant, all-natural line of skin and hair treatment. This month we interviewed the founder about the brand’s unwavering commitment to “clear beauty” transparency standards and their uncompromising focus on ingredient efficacy and purity.

Parvati Magazine: Last year, your Vital Balm Cream sold out and had a waitlist of 600 people. How do you manage the balance between artisan quality and mass-market demand?

Josh Rosebrook: Sometimes people have to wait. Last year, we were sold out of Vital for two to three weeks while we made more. We knew everyone who wanted it would eventually have it, but it takes time to make and that will never change. We make all of the extracts in-house fresh for each new batch. A company with integrity never compromises quality.

Parvati Magazine: Your website states the source of your ingredients in astonishing detail, right down to organic honey and vinegar. Why is your commitment to purity and transparency so important to you?

Josh Rosebrook: Truth and honesty are all there is and we have nothing to hide. From farm to lab to bottle, clear beauty is sharing everything we can about our sources, ingredients, partnerships, process, employees, manufacturing, overall sustainability and [the] impact we have on the planet.

Parvati Magazine: Stars love your skincare and haircare. To what do you attribute your products’ impact and success?

Josh Rosebrook: A deep commitment to quality, efficacy, and plants that are formulated to deliver real results. It’s the high standards, and wanting to help people above anything else. That intention comes through. The herbal profile in the products is specifically formulated to support real skin and scalp health. I believe celebrities are drawn to the products because they have very likely experienced so many products in their line of work over time and when they experience a truly effective product that supports and protects their skin and hair, they know it is special.

Natural skincare tips for cold weather

Parvati Magazine: We’re heading into colder seasons in the northern hemisphere. What advice do you give clients to maintain healthy skin and hair during the fall and winter months?

Josh Rosebrook: Keep hydrated and always trap the hydration in the skin with a thicker moisturizer. Using the Hydrating Accelerator is key to effective moisturizing. A properly formulated, rich moisturizer like Vital Balm Cream locks in the water and inhibits TEWL – transepidermal water loss. Make sure to exfoliate gently and regularly. Effective exfoliation allows penetration of hydrators, serums, and moisturizers. Dead skin on the surface will not hold moisture and will inhibit effective barrier reinforcement which is necessary to retain hydration.

You have to be focused on taking care of your skin daily. In the cold winter months especially, you need to check on your skin every few hours, tuning into its needs. Does it feel dry? Does it feel dehydrated or tight? Is it soft or feeling sensitive? How’s the tone? Is it irritated at all? Do you need an activating mask? Do you need a hydration mask? Think about it and address it. It won’t do it on its own.

What’s next in the world of green beauty

Parvati Magazine: How has the green beauty landscape changed in the past 15 years and what do you think the next major game-changer will be?

Josh Rosebrook: Fifteen years ago, there were only a few strong, quality green brands that I highly respected. Ten years ago, many of today’s high-end, indie, green beauty brands launched and everyone came together in support of each other and the growing, niche, green cosmetics industry. Since then, our industry has attracted a lot of people who have no experience in the beauty industry. It’s actually quite dangerous because they don’t have a background in cosmetics and are taking advantage of vulnerable people and can guide them incorrectly. The future is beautiful and full of transparency, education, innovation, and honest marketing.

Josh Rosebrook is the founder of his eponymous green beauty line of ultra-effective hair and skincare products. The classically-trained former hairstylist began making his own natural skin care treatments and giving them to clients in Los Angeles. It has since grown to be the highly lauded green beauty powerhouse it is today.