Parvati Magazine Interviews May Lindstrom about her holistic beauty line including the nourishing oil Blue Cocoon

May Lindstrom’s Unique Formulas to Nourish Your Skin

May Lindstrom started making natural beauty items like mud and honey masks from childhood, out of necessity: her sensitive skin would go into rashes or even blisters from the products her peers were using. Her youthful creativity has grown up into a beauty company dedicated to a minimal yet comprehensive line of pure and potent skin care. This interview has been edited and condensed.

Parvati Magazine: Why are your products “radical”?

May Lindstrom: In this moment of extreme formulations, there is something radical about going back to the roots of skincare (and the stems, leaves, and blossoms of it!). My mission is to feed the skin, restoring its function as a protective and vital organ, all while nourishing our bond to it.

Parvati Magazine: I found myself drawn to the vivid, luxurious images of spices, fruits, and oils on your site. What ingredients will customers find in their bottles?

May Lindstrom: Exactly that. I’ve been fascinated since I was a little girl with the magic of plants and minerals, salts and spices and oils. The best ingredients are not necessarily the most rare or exotic, or the ones that have had millions of dollars spent to develop them synthetically.

I purchase raw ingredients in their fresh and active state from a very small handful of suppliers who work directly with farms from all over the world.

Parvati Magazine: The Problem Solver is a warming correcting masque that is helpful for acne, rosacea, psoriasis, and inflammation. What makes it so effective for these conditions?

May Lindstrom: The Problem Solver is famous for the active heat sensation you feel as this treatment’s blend of power-players get to work. Cayenne pepper stimulates blood flow to the skin, which enables oxygen and necessary nutrients to reach the cells. It reduces inflammation and swelling and delivers antioxidant carotenes, flavonoids, and high concentrations of vitamins A, C, and E. Nutmeg and clove are both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, stopping breakouts in their tracks.
Cinnamon facilitates the synthesis of collagen in the skin. Raw cacao is insanely high in antioxidant superpowers (621 antioxidants, compared to a blueberry’s 32). The Problem Solver gets its signature black hue from activated bamboo carbon charcoal. It’s known as the “black diamond” of healers and addresses everything from acne to eczema with grace and ease. Rhassoul clay is truly one of the most effective ingredients in the battle for clear skin. Because of its high mineral content, astringent properties, and absorption properties, this clay is incredible for cleansing and detoxification.

Parvati Magazine: Similar to the masque, your exfoliator, The Clean Dirt, requires activation before use by adding water to the powdered formula. Why did you choose this?

May Lindstrom: The most effective way to preserve the integrity of these delicate plant cells is to dry them. Many of our plant sources come to us in this carefully dehydrated state and are then blended into your jar. Once you add water, the powerful healing properties are restored and can get to work. Similarly, Vitamin C begins to oxidize as soon as it becomes wet, so our ideal is to turn on its superpowers right at the moment of use so you get every bit of its magic.

Parvati Magazine: I’ve never seen a bright turquoise facial oil before!

May Lindstrom: The captivating scent, colour, and anti-inflammatory superpower behind our mystical beauty [The Blue Cocoon] comes from blue tansy. Blue tansy is the single most powerful ingredient I work with. My own highly reactive skin changed dramatically after discovering its benefits over a decade ago. Of all the active compounds found in blue tansy, chamazulene, a mighty anti-oxidant, and a-bisabolol, are known powerhouses for their anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-microbial properties. This gorgeous flower oil is used in aromatherapy to reduce stress and anxiety. It’s incredibly soothing for both skin and soul.

Parvati Magazine: With seven skincare products and two accessories, why did you choose to go minimal for your line, and what is one product you personally cannot live without?

May Lindstrom: I do not believe our skin needs thirty products. This collection is very specifically curated to be uncomplicated and incredibly effective. If forced to choose a favourite product, there is simply nothing like The Blue Cocoon. This has been my own personal skin saviour and I indulge twice a day, every day, religiously.

May Lindstrom Skin was born from an intention to ignite people’s personal relationship to their own skin. Founder and formulator May Lindstrom personally develops unique plant medicine blends, combining ancient beauty philosophy with meticulous sourcing of the Earth’s freshest, nutrient-rich, organic ingredients.