The Eighth Assumption of the Trust Frequency: All Of Creation Is ONE. Separation Is A Man-Made Illusion

Current Assumption: We are inevitably and permanently separate and disconnected from one another. We are all alone in an uncaring universe.

Sometimes we feel alone in an uncaring universe, separate and disconnected from one another. The undivided unity of all things seems counter-intuitive. Our physical senses tell us the universe is comprised of trillions of separate objects and entities and energies. The rational-materialists tell us it’s ridiculous to assert that “all is One.”

Non-duality is one of the great paradoxes of existence, although many of us have experienced oneness at some point in our lives. On the one hand, we are each trapped in our own exclusive reality. I can never experience your universe, and you can never experience mine. I am a separate, autonomous being, as are you. And yet…

Let’s ask ourselves, what lies beyond the world of opposites? Quantum physics has established the interconnectedness of all things throughout time and space, and hence the validity of unity consciousness. How new are these revolutionary scientific concepts? Are they really new, or is Western science just catching up with the timeless wisdom of the ancient ones at last?

The Eastern mystics and the Native Americans base their worldview on “unitive” principles, as do most of the other indigenous peoples. It wasn’t until Newton, Descartes, and Darwin that we Westerners fully separated, although we had, many centuries previously, bought into the idea of a separate “God.” During the Age of Reason, we took the radical dualist fork leading to the current paradigm of alienation. The Lakota phrase Mitakuye Oyasin, “all my relations,” at the opposite end of the cosmological spectrum, affirms that all things are inter-connected, every living creature, as well as the inanimate ones, the earth, the sun, the rocks, the sky.

Right now, fortunately, something really important is going on. Thanks to the technological advances of the last few decades, we live in an unprecedented age of communication. We are interconnected in a digitally enhanced group mind, something that has never happened before. This fact has profound consequences. A new idea, a new attitude, a new understanding, a new belief system, can spread like wildfire. The potential exists for a sweeping change to flood through the collective consciousness of humanity, giving birth to an entirely new paradigm.

The Internet is a technological phenomenon predicted in the early 20th century by the Jesuit thinker Teilhard de Chardin. He called it the “noosphere.” The new technology is training humanity, preparing us for the next phase of our evolution, giving us access to the unified field of all human knowledge, and simulating a direct connection to All-That-Is.

Think about it. At the species level, there is only one race, the human race, homo sapiens, and yet we have created a world fragmented in extraordinary ways to ensure separation, from birth to death, from generation to generation: separation by language, skin pigmentation, class, caste, gender, religion, sect, place of birth, ethnicity, economic status, political affiliation, and arbitrary national boundaries. We forget that we are all divine sovereign beings, members of the same remarkable species, living on a single unified planet, a manifestation of the unified consciousness of Love.

Once we truly awaken and rub the sleep from our eyes, what will the world look like? What kind of society will we create, once we have finally evolved into homo sapiens sapiens? It seems possible that our new social structures and groupings might look tribal or neo-tribal on the surface, but based on a consensus reality very different from the old exclusionary, fearful, defensive ethnic and religious hierarchies. Can you picture a global tribe based on the concepts in John Lennon’s song “Imagine”, a society operating from a higher conscience? A society of disciplined, self-assured, responsible multi-cultural equals? No countries. No flags. No religions. No chiefs or warriors. No military budgets. No priests or judges. No elites. No enforcers. No criminals. No separation.

In our New World, such absurdities are inconceivable, because humanity has awakened. We have grown up at last. An understanding of the forgotten interconnectedness and sacredness of all things has re-emerged and peace has come to prevail on Earth. The terrible, incredibly expensive illusion of separateness has dissolved, and we live in the reality of one world, one people, one Love. We put our abundant resources toward creating a thriving world without war, without global warming, without poverty, without illness, without homelessness, and we have all the time in the world to enjoy it.

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Connie Baxter Marlow and Andrew Cameron Bailey are visionaries and filmmakers whose explorations into the essence of Reality have led to a unique articulation of the nature of the Universe and humanity’s place in it. This worldview is informed by indigenous cosmology, quantum science, Eastern and Western mysticism and plain common sense. They are authors of “The Trust Frequency: Ten Assumptions for a New Paradigm”. Learn more at The Trust Frequency.