Rebecca Gawthorne, Nourish Naturally, seasonal eating

Nourish Naturally with Simple, Mindful Eating

Dietitian and Nutritionist Rebecca Gawthorne is the Australian brain behind the popular blog, YouTube channel and Instagram “Nourish Naturally”, empowering people across the globe to live without fad diets. Rebecca is a passionate advocate for eating simply and mindfully—embracing whole foods and developing healthy habits. This month we get a glimpse into her approach to seasonal eating, healthy cooking, and nutritious living.

Parvati Magazine: What kick-started your passion to “nourish naturally”?

Rebecca Gawthorne: I studied a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics at university. I started Nourish Naturally when I had a private dietetic practice in Sydney. I had a lot of clients and friends asking for extra recipes, food ideas and extra inspiration, as well as what I did personally to keep healthy, so I started my Instagram to have that info easily accessible to all.

Parvati Magazine: As an avid traveller, what are some of the greatest food experiences you have had while abroad?

Rebecca Gawthorne:  One of my favourite parts of travelling is getting to experience the food and try new dishes. Some of my favourite food adventures have been the fresh fruit markets in Barcelona, the freshly caught local sashimi in Ishigaki, Japan, and the incredible buffets in the Maldives.

Parvati Magazine: You share tips for issues like inflammation, hormone balance and overeating. What has influenced you the most in your approach to these?

Rebecca Gawthorne:  These are all topics I have studied in university. I create this content as I get hundreds of requests from my followers for information on it.

Parvati Magazine: What is your approach cooking or designing recipes for people who do not typically enjoy “green” food?

Rebecca Gawthorne:  For those who don’t like “green” food, there are sneaky ways to hide them in meals to disguise the flavour and colour. I love adding greens into fruit smoothies and into pasta sauces where you can barely even notice they are there.

Parvati Magazine:There is so much diet advice on the internet. What are your suggestions to sort out what’s helpful from what’s inaccurate?

Rebecca Gawthorne:  Be very wary of taking advice from those without qualifications. Anecdotal evidence shouldn’t be used when it comes to your health. Watch out for anything with a quick fix—that involves diet pills, detoxes, very expensive supplements or what sounds too good to be true. Look for nutrition information written by those with proper qualifications (e.g., a dietitian) or go seek personalized advice.

Parvati Magazine: We are coming up to a season change—to spring in the Northern Hemisphere and to fall in the South. Are there specific nutritional needs people need to keep in mind at these times of transition?

Rebecca Gawthorne:  Eat what’s in season. Consuming seasonal fruit and veggies means you are eating foods that are naturally higher in nutrients that your body needs and craves at that time of year. In the cooler months of the year for example, seasonal produce is naturally higher in nutrients that are essential for healthy immune functioning like Vitamin C and antibacterial and antiviral components.

Rebecca Gawthorne, Nourish Naturally, seasonal eating

Lover of health, fitness and summer, Rebecca Gawthorne is a Dietitian with a credible, yet easy to relate to tone. Rebecca has extensive experience working with brands to advocate healthy, nutritious living—capturing bright and inspiring images and showcasing these on her popular Instagram and blog, as well as working with the media to educate consumers.