Yogis Unite MAPS, global movement for peace

A Global Movement for Peace

There are hundreds of millions of people practicing yoga worldwide. Imagine what would happen if they came together for one common goal.

That vision has inspired Parvati.org to launch YOGIS UNITE as part of its public education strategy for MAPS. It is a chance for everyone to be part of something spectacular: a global movement to save lives, protect homes, and amplify peace.

Yoga awakens us to our inherent interconnection. As such, the yoga community is eco-conscious, interested in a healthy life and healthy world, and naturally aligned with MAPS. And as a yoga teacher, Parvati has existing influence within this community.

Launched in the late summer of 2018, YOGIS UNITE was first led by Rishi. But when he had to be on the road for over a month of trade shows and meetings to move MAPS forward, Parvati suggested he hand Darcy the baton.

Having been so focused on the MAPS Treaty, Darcy was initially unsure about this move. However, he had built the treaty team to a point where it could self-sustain, just as he had done with the volunteer portfolio. But without a strong lead on YOGIS UNITE, the fledgling group would collapse.

Darcy dedicated his peaceful warrior focus and efficiency to the work of bringing the yoga world together for MAPS. There were many moving pieces: outreach to yoga leaders and studios, training volunteers, advising on a new website… the list went on.

Used to formal corporate and government settings, Darcy was now dealing with the relatively informal business cultures of diverse yoga studios. He was again completely out of his comfort zone. But supported by a growing group of volunteers, he leaned in to create workflows and structures for success.

When Rishi returned, he and Darcy tag-teamed on YOGIS UNITE and secured the support of leading yogis such as Seane Corn, Deva Premal, Eoin Finn, Koya Webb and Tias Little. YOGIS UNITE now had an international voice.

The yoga community understands, as did Darcy, that through MAPS we move beyond greed, divisiveness, and agitation into peaceful interconnection. Darcy surrendered to his work as karma yoga, where one does one’s duty selflessly without attachment so that it becomes a spiritual practice. As a daily meditator and a devoted student of Amma, he had the heart of a yogi. He knew that his choices in each moment needed to serve the greater good.

Yogisunitemaps.org currently features the first of three videos that Darcy helped champion. Many voices that now speak up for MAPS are thanks to Darcy’s dedication to YOGIS UNITE.

By Parvati Magazine staff