Finding Our Way Forward

Many of us at were awake well into the night after learning about the plane crash. Though in shock and disbelief, we had countless logistical tasks connected with Darcy’s passing that needed immediate attention. He had given so much to the successful realization of MAPS. There was no way we would let his voice and optimism be silenced. We are used to working 16-hour days, 7 days a week, and Darcy was no exception. Knowing that the Arctic ice is melting at 14,000 tons per second, putting life at risk, is a great motivator.

Darcy’s death was a tragedy. But he worked tirelessly to stop a global tragedy, one that claims over 1,000 children’s lives every day. He knew everyone had the right to know of the practical response to this massive problem. MAPS safeguards our planet’s air conditioner that protects our food and water sources. We owe it to all life to spread the word.  

Behind our social media blackout on March 11 was a blur of activity. I worked on notifying and consoling our volunteers and fielding a wide range of questions. At the same time, Pranada, Rishi and I developed a comprehensive press campaign to ensure the message Darcy had been carrying was not lost in the rubble. There were many facets of his work for MAPS, so we had an extensive list of outlets to target.

Amid the turmoil, a profound inner knowing kept me steady. Darcy had been a broad-hearted man, who fully embraced both the detailed work required and the scope of the MAPS vision. Now he was in God’s living room, able to continue moving MAPS forward as our quarterback, from the other side. Though I did not yet understand how, I felt this was part of a bigger picture that would become clear over time.

Over the days that followed, during a flurry of interviews and outreach, we put new workflows in place. Karen took over Darcy’s work with allies. While covering Darcy’s meetings at UNEA-4, Vandana supported press where possible, and made plans to attend upcoming events in Fiji and Chile that Darcy had booked. Rishi led the Yogis Unite portfolio while preparing for multiple tradeshows and meetings in California. As Uttama managed volunteers, Joy tackled a mountain of administrative tasks. Pam coordinated the printing of this magazine and updated websites, while Adam continued to provide beautiful graphic support. I initiated a new youth MAPS Ambassador portfolio, actioned three new MAPS campaigns and created organizational structures to help people practice Darcy’s thoroughness and clarity and be effective leaders in their own right.

New helpers came on board. New commitments were made to training and personal development so that team members could fill the large gap in our group as best they could. Our MAPS Ambassadors across Africa pledged themselves wholeheartedly to MAPS for Darcy’s sake and for all life. We are grieving. But MAPS is alive and well, now inspiring more of the world than ever.

By Parvati, Founder and CEO,