Darcy Belanger, MAPS, memories of a spiritual brother

Memories of a Spiritual Brother

In the first few days after Darcy died, as all of us at Parvati.org managed the news, the press, the shock, and picked up the pieces he had carried with skill and ease, I was quiet. But it is appropriate now that I share the secret through which Darcy was able to carry so much.

He believed in love. He believed in unity. He believed in the potency of Nature and the inherent goodness of humanity. He also believed that this goodness is an expression of Nature in balance, and that today Nature is very much out of balance. Darcy’s beliefs were matched by his words and actions. His deepest desire was not about what was in it for him, but what he could do for the world.

As one of the founding members of Parvati.org, Darcy knew our ethos well: if we want the world to embrace MAPS, we must first cultivate our own inner peace sanctuary. Many of our worldly actions are seva, selfless service, that cultivate peace within and without, regardless of how many things we have to manage as volunteers.

Darcy worked diligently on softening to stillness to hear his soul. This quieted his mind and brought more joy, love and desire to serve others. His inherent luminosity could not be contained, and twinkled like starlight in his eyes.

I take comfort in knowing that he is now with the wisdom and compassion he so dearly cherished and nurtured. I also take comfort in seeing the hundreds of people and NGOs honour him from so many countries across the world.

Darcy knew that the vision to safeguard all life, and bring much-needed peace and sanctity to the lives of all our brothers and sisters, is the truest reality amid a world of illusions.

I never thought Parvati’s trip to the North Pole would turn into a treaty and a global movement. I never imagined for a second that we would have three charitable organizations in different parts of the world, that our lives would be dedicated to the cessation of suffering, or that we would touch so many.

Darcy, I now get the irony of you working at a construction company. You laid down the foundation for people to experience heaven here on Earth.

I promise you that as your spiritual brother, I will ensure that we swiftly get to 99 signatures on the MAPS Treaty. I promise that the thousands you touched will become millions and that collectively we will start to understand that we are all one. Not a single day will go by without me honouring your deepest truth, your most heartfelt wish to realize MAPS and awaken within each of us an unstoppable effulgence of love.

Even now, you show me that love can go deeper and I see in you that it is eternal. I promise to go there.

By Rishi Deva, Founding Member, Parvati.org