MAPS-As the volunteer team grows

The Volunteer Team Grows

With Darcy’s expertise in education and his compassionate leadership, he was an obvious choice to onboard new members of’s all-volunteer team. He played a strong role in recruiting them, never hesitating to tap his network to connect people he knew who had the skillsets we needed. After all, MAPS is a voice for everyone.

As they came forward from all walks of life, Darcy was a unifying force. Through his leadership, what started out as a haphazard chain of emails forwarded to one busy person, then another, became an effective volunteer management structure. He created portfolios and workflows to assess needs within the organization. He interviewed and trained volunteers, assigned them, and followed up to ensure things were going well.

Having organized the process, he was able to hand it off to Uttama, whose big heart welcomed a growing global MAPS family. Darcy never stepped away completely from the volunteers portfolio, offering guidance as it became the broader Operations Support team.

We knew that MAPS was not just our mission. It had to be our way of living. MAPS would draw a boundary around an ocean. But the realization of MAPS had to happen through each one of us cultivating our inner peace sanctuary. It was up to us to choose to express peace, compassion, and interconnection in all we do. Darcy’s clarity and organization made it easier for people to understand and immediately step into this ethos. He also held himself to the same standard.

MAPS volunteers share their experience with Darcy in their own words:

“By allowing his vulnerability to show, Darcy brought lightness and joy to my life. He taught me so much about living honestly and simply. Darcy was good at seeing the gold beneath your muddy exterior. He had immense patience for people, and a gentle way of asking for things to be done. I felt fully seen and heard and it made me want to do the best I could. As I think every person who knew him would say, I consider him one of the most wonderful friends I will ever have.”

– Uttama Anderson, Research and General Assistant volunteer

“Darcy pushed me to do my best and always found a way to laugh at what wasn’t important. I will deeply miss him.”

– Sophia Kristjansson, Treaty volunteer

“Sometimes it has been difficult for me to do volunteer work while running my business and all of the other experiences life brings. But I remember how Darcy said to me, ‘So what? Do what you can!’”

– Nithya Pruchnicki, Petitions and Presentations volunteer

“What I recall most fondly is the generous, patient and attentive way Darcy would listen. It didn’t matter how many things he had on the go. He was so focused, and created a safe space for others to explore tough topics. I aspire to be like Darcy; to be present in the moment, and to actively listen without judgement.”

– Shawna MacLeod, Parvati Magazine Books and Film Editor volunteer

By Parvati Magazine Staff