MAPS, Unite by Light

Uniting the World by Light

In the biting chill of a -20C Edmonton night in December 2016, Darcy stood in the dark to light a candle, and became one of the first champions of’s Unite By Light campaign. launched Unite By Light for the 2016 holiday season to raise awareness and funds for MAPS. An inspiring and immediate way to be part of a positive movement for a healthy planet, it invited anyone around the world to sign the MAPS petition and optionally donate toward the cause.

We knew that any social media campaign for MAPS had to give everyone a voice, because that is what MAPS is about. In a time where many feel despair when faced with our global crisis, we needed to offer hope. We wanted to inspire people to activate from a sense of compassion and interconnection. So in Unite By Light, participants created and shared videos of themselves lighting a candle for peace, while nominating three others to do the same—creating a wave of illumination that connects us all.

Darcy was part of a team that embraced the campaign wholeheartedly. He nominated three people whom he had met at COP 22 to join Unite By Light, spreading the message across the world. He shared Unite By Light videos by others on his own social feeds. Meanwhile, we recruited Instagram influencers, reached out behind the scenes, and notoriously camera-shy volunteers stepped forward to be seen. Friends, family and fans got in on the action, and we watched candles light up on every continent.

At the same time, Parvati, Darcy, Rishi and Vandana were working to build key networks and alliances as never before in support of MAPS. Many of the connections forged in the days of Unite By Light are strong allies today.

“With this candle, I’d like to pass on to you… to unite by light and share the light forward.”
– Darcy Belanger

By Parvati Magazine Staff