Meditation for interconnection, by Parvati

Meditation for a Cool World

No one is separate from the whole. We are interconnected in ways far beyond the limitations of our personal will and ego. Because of this, we have the power to support grace and healing for all beings, or to contribute to suffering.

As our minds feel increasingly heated by stress and agitation, so too is Nature feeling the feverish strain. This guided practice is a way we can contribute to peace and healing. Feel free to do it every day, as often as you can, visualizing a cool, calm light of peace bathing areas of need within yourself, those you love, and our planet Earth.

  • Find a quiet sitting position—upright, relaxed, and comfortable. Allow your eyes to close and your awareness to move within, so that you become aware of what your body feels like.
  • Become aware of the crown of your head, and allow that to soften. Your head relaxes.
  • Allow your eyes to relax, your jaw to release. Feel the back of your neck and how that releases.
  • Let your shoulders ease. Whatever you might be holding there, allow it to soften. Feel your ribs relax.
  • Feel the breath through your lungs, drawing your awareness down your spine. Become aware of your spine, from the top of the neck right through to your pelvic floor. As though you are riding an elevator down a tall building, begin by noticing the top of your neck, then your upper back. Sense your breath in each vertebra.
  • Continue to allow your awareness to move down your spine into the lumbar vertebrae, your lower back, right into your sitting bones. Sense the weight of your sitting bones, the contact they have with the chair or the floor.
  • Now become aware of the contact you have with the ground, so that you allow yourself to be here, right now.
  • Then bring your awareness back to the crown of your head so that you feel a wholeness: broad and rooted to the ground, and light and expansive through your crown. Enjoy this open, receptive feeling.
  • Take a few long breaths, and feel your body breathing. Enjoy the breathing, and allow yourself to be present.
  • From this point of feeling more connected, visualize or sense rays of beautiful white light encircling our planet.
  • Feel the healing power of that white light, the vibrancy, the potency, as though the white had shimmers of sparkling silver and gold. Feel that the light is both inspired and intelligent.
  • Allow your sense or visualization of that white light to come closer to the surface of the Earth, so that the light moves towards the planet.
  • Allow that white light to touch the surface of the Earth. Then sense that it penetrates the surface of the Earth, so that cool white light shines right through the various layers of the soil, to the magnetic core of the planet. As that white light moves through the planet, sense that it cools any heat and agitation.
  • Sense your body connected to the planet, so that your whole being is filled with cool, brilliant, white light. Feel how the planet, your body, and the brilliant white light are all interconnected. Stay present with this feeling for some time.
  • Now sense the white light moving beyond your finite physical form to fill up the room you are in. Then sense the pure white light extending to someone you love. Allow the white light to embrace that person.
  • Sense the light continuing to expand. Feel it bathe the entire town or city you’re in so that your whole community benefits from the cool, healing white light.
  • Feel the Earth full of white light, you full of white light, those you love full of white light, and the whole city full of white light: nourished, supported, embraced, alive.
  • Continue to let that white light expand beyond your community to your whole country. Then let it expand through all the countries of the world. Let that white light move to touch those who have been ravaged by war or natural disasters. Feel how the healing, cool, white light soothes and heals.
  • Feel how the white light cools the heat, cools the agitation, cools the nervous systems of the people who are shaken or traumatized.
  • Feel the calm clear white light penetrating deeply, nourishing the people and the Earth.
  • Stay with the light. Allow the cooling white light to heal all beings, including yourself. Feel the Earth cool, calm, healed. All beings cool, calm, healed. And your own self cool, calm, healed.
  • Breathe the white light through every cell of your body. Feel your lungs expand. Feel your sitting bones as they anchor into the floor or chair. Bring your awareness back into this room, allowing the white light to rest deeply in your heart with the wish for ease and peace to all beings, including yourself.
  • While remaining focused on this peaceful sensation, gently bring movement slowly back to your fingers and toes, and open your eyes.

Parvati is an award-winning musician (“I Am Light”, “Electro Yog”, “Yoga In The Nightclub”), yogini (YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine), author (“The Grace Mindset”, “Aonani of Avalon”, “The Three Supreme Secrets for Lasting Happiness”) and founder and CEO of the nonprofit All her work is dedicated to protecting all life on Earth by establishing the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS). More info: