August 2019: Aliveness (Read the Full Issue)

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From the Editor


Welcome to the August 2019 issue of Parvati Magazine, dedicated to MAPS: the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary.

We are a part of Nature. Living in alignment with this reality lets us tap into an infinite well of power, vitality and creativity, the very life force that continually creates the universe in which we live. 

In this month’s issue, you’ll meet people who are saying yes to life and Nature, each in their own way. Musician Serena Ryder’s raw earnestness has won fans the world over. Denver’s Kindness Yoga rallied to carry on the cause of MAPS after the death of their community member Darcy Belanger,’s Director of Strategic Initiatives. Robert Rubinstein’s “triple bottom line investing”, that accounts for people, planet and profit, is changing the game for everyone. Laurel Shaffer’s organic skin care line sets a high standard for freshness, purity and sustainability. And my guided meditation, YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine and Positive Possibilities articles will help you feel refreshed and alive.  






Thank you for reading the August 2019 issue of Parvati Magazine.

From the moment we wake up each morning, we have the choice to feel energized. This decision allows us to participate in whatever the day may bring. The key to this vitality is in letting go of our resistance to the moment. We connect with source, like a battery that does not run out. 

The more we release the stories we tell about life and simply show up for what is, the more aliveness we can feel. The immense potential of this energy is just waiting for us to get out of our own way so that we can revel in it. 

May we all come alive with effervescent enthusiasm for the gifts present for us in each moment.  


Love yourself.
Love others.
Love our world.
We are one Earth family.