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ByPias: This Entrepreneur’s Natural Clothing Brightens Your Autumn

The Finnish design esthetic is characterized by its harmony with its surrounding environment. As the long days fade into darkness in the fall, the lightness of design and natural fibres keep the spirit lifted with a reminder of warmer, brighter days. With one third of Finland lying within the Arctic Circle, the impacts of melting Arctic ice are at its doorstep. Finnish designer Pia Erlund of BYPIAS focuses on comfort in a sensual and feminine way, while choosing ecological values over price. Her four brands (clothing lines BYPIAS, Bohemiana and Perfect Jeans, and interior brand MuMMuM) remind us to tread lightly and think natural, because we can create our own inner light and coziness.

Parvati Magazine: Your autumn collection looks feminine, classic, and cozy. With fall weather upon us, what are some favourite pieces and styles you can’t wait to wear?

Pia Erlund: My favourite outfit of the season is the Boyfriend shirt in white, one of our classics, paired with the Slowly Morning cardigan in anthracite, Casual Boyfit jeans, and Coziness shawl and beanie combination in grey. The perfect thing to wear to the office as well as on free time.

Linen: A Natural Material For All Seasons

Parvati Magazine: What makes linen such a great natural material to wear all year round? Most people associate it with hot climates, but it seems to be a staple in Nordic countries. How do you incorporate linen into winter wear?

Pia Erlund: In wintertime, linen is the best material to wear under layers of clothes! It breathes well, and is not hot or sweaty, which might be the case with synthetic materials.

Parvati Magazine: As part of your sustainable practices, all of your natural fibres meet Oeko-Tek Standard 100. What does that mean to the eco-friendly shopper?

Pia Erlund: It ensures that no chemicals, that are harmful for the environment, are present in the products, and that they are safe to wear directly on the skin.

Parvati Magazine: I love that you are able to reduce waste and offer your customers exactly what they want by pre-ordering. Can you please explain how this works?

Pia Erlund: A large portion of our fabrics and clothes are made within 600 km of our head office. We are able to produce our clothing in a couple of weeks, which gives us the possibility to pre-sell: We produce one sample, arrange photoshoot and start selling. Then we place the order to our atelier based on the pre-sold items. We don’t have to produce huge quantities or keep large stock.

Pia Erlund Wins Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Parvati Magazine: Since it launched in 2011, ByPias has grown very quickly into a successful business, including a nomination for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2018 in Finland. Looking back, what practices and choices served you well? What advice do you have for up and coming companies?

Pia Erlund: Stay loyal to your roots and principles. Never underestimate your customer. Build long-lasting relationships with your partners. Don’t run after the cheapest prices.

Pia Erlund is the entrepreneur and designer of BYPIAS, a Finnish lifestyle concept. Her goal is to focus on comfort in a sensual, feminine way, and to make the industry a little better with ecological values. BYPIAS is available online, at concept stores in Finland and in Norway, and 250 retailers around the world.